Group photo of the WRC staff.

 WRC CoordinatorPortrait of Riah Safady

 Riah Safady, MSW


 Confidential Advocate


 Office located in Stevenson Union Room 103

Portrait of Neisha Bhagwandin. Student Director

Neisha Bhagwandin


 I'm dedicated to anti-racist work and incorporating feminism into all aspects of life and society. I'm interested in channeling anger into power, alleviating suffering, and transforming our culture to uplift the people who are most marginalized. Talk to me about cats, criminal justice reform, nature spots and hikes, and how I can support you in your feminist journey. 




Portrait of Alex Helmreich.

Volunteer Coordinator

 Alex Helmreich


Hey there! In my free time I like to update my cat's instagram (@winnietheebish) and make art. I love empowering women, napping, and intersectional feminism. Hope to see you at the W sometime! 




Portrait of Sean Carter Lead Peer Prevention Educator

 Sean Carter


Sean’s my name, dismantling the patriarchy is my game. Creating a culture where people are encouraged to practice fun, comfortable, healthy, and safe sex is my goal. I may have a silly streak, but I am 100% serious about this work. Intersectionality or bust! Best, Sean Carter 



Portrait of Hannah Loop Peer Prevention Educator

 Hannah Loop


Passionate about women's and queer health, I am dedicated to raising awareness, teaching skills of allyship and consent, and creating safe spaces for all bodies to be heard and celebrated. 




Portrait of Brooke Grover.


 Brooke Grover


 Good evening honored guest, welcome to my bio. My name is Brooke Grover and I'm a feminist. I am halfway through my time here at SOU studying psychology. I hope to see you around the WRC and at our events. Thanks for reading. 


Kate  Staff

 Kate McGrath


 Hi! I am a fourth year student majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology with an interest in female criminality. I'm from Anchorage, Alaska and enjoy crafts, self-care, kayaking, reading, and feminism! I am so excited to be able to work and support SOU and the Ashland community! 

Portrait of Frankie Almeida. Staff

 Frankie Almeida


 Hi, my name is Frankie Almeida and I'm a Sociology and Anthropology student from the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy film, coffee, and feminist/queer literature. I'm excited to work at the WRC and help create a safe space for  people of all identities where social justice is accessible to everyone.  

Portrait of Maggie Montgomery.  Staff

 Maggie Montgomery 

 She/Hers, They/Them

I am a full time, non-traditional, female, student of color at SOU, and my focal point in the campus environment is uplifting all those who may be in a position of weakness, regardless of age, sex, race, or creed. I have experience  on student government at SOU and as a paralegal at the Jackson County District Attorney's office. I am passionate about social justice, and even ran the judicial campaign I managed for a felony prosecutor at the district attorney's office on that platform.