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Violence Prevention and Response Advocates (ViPRA)
This initiative joins staff from the Women’s Resource Center, the Queer Resource Center, & Intervention >with the purpose of enhancing our campus community efforts to respond effectively to reports of interpersonal violence as well as ultimately reduce incidents of violence through strategic prevention programs. ViPRA has 2 subcommittees – the Response Subcommittee that consists of SOU staff and community partners and a Prevention Subcommittee that consists of SOU students, staff, faculty and community partners. 

ViPRA Response
Southern Oregon University has a multi-disciplinary body that gathers monthly to review the campus response to Title IX related reports. This group is comprised of Title IX officers, Confidential Advisors, community partners, and representatives from University Housing and Campus Public Safety. This entity looks at overall campus community safety, trends in reporting, and most importantly reviews how we as a team responded to each individual report, the outcome of the report, and how the system can be improved.

ViPRA Prevention and Education
ViPRA at Southern Oregon University meets regularly to head campus prevention and education efforts. ViPRA Prevention is able to respond to campus trends and issues discovered by ViPRA Response in a timely and educational way. This allows our campus to respond to issues that are currently affecting our campus and enables us to get information and preventative care to our students quickly.