In a few short weeks, you will be arriving on the campus of Southern Oregon University eager to experience all of the activities that ACADEMY has to offer. Our staff and teachers have planned many exciting classes and presentations. The week will be filled with academic challenge, cultural enrichment, recreational fun, and new friends. In order for students to get the most out of their ACADEMY experience, we have established certain expectations for both students and parents. We are sure you will agree that observing these policies will ensure a happy and successful week at ACADEMY.

Students, you are expected to...

  • BE PROMPT. Be on-time for classes during the day, for afternoon and evening activities, and for meetings with your counselor.
  • FOLLOW YOUR SCHEDULE.  Be where you are supposed to be according to your class and activity schedule.
  • STAY ON CAMPUS. We will tour the campus when you arrive and show you the boundaries—you will be expected to stay within these boundaries.

Parents, we ask you to...

Send no more than $35 with your student to ACADEMY. This money can be used to purchase items in the bookstore. More money poses problems such as possible loss and the temptation to buy lots of sugary snacks; we are trying to prevent "sugar highs" that might interfere with your child’s ability to fully benefit from the week's activities.

  • Help us by preparing your child for a week away from home. Part of the ACADEMY experience is successfully being away from home and being independent. Our counselors are trained to deal with homesickness and other issues that may come up. 
  • Notify us ahead of time of any medication or dietary needs of your child. A medical form is included in this packet so you can let us know what medication your child is taking during his/her stay at ACADEMY.
  • Be sure we have an accurate emergency number for you or another responsible adult in case we need to get in touch quickly.
  • For the safety of your child and the quality of our program leaving ACADEMY for any reason is discouraged. We feel that it is important for you and your child to make a commitment to participate fully in the ACADEMY program. Please schedule appointments, music lessons, athletic practices and tryouts for times outside of ACADEMY. If there is an emergency and your child needs to leave the program temporarily, please notify the ACADEMY director personally, and provide a written note to the ACADEMY office. We do not allow students to leave the campus alone or with unauthorized persons.

Thank you for your cooperation in these policies. We want to make sure that all our ACADEMY students have an outstanding week.



You will get a map that designates the dormitory complex that students will be using and where parking is located. Check-in is on Sunday evening between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Greensprings Dormitory complex. Meals begin with breakfast on Monday morning. Please make sure your child has had dinner before Sunday night check-in. Upon arrival on campus, proceed to the registration area without your child’s luggage to receive the room assignments, keys, and class schedule. A counselor will show you and your child to their room.

Link to SOU Map


The Living Group Counselor will become a very important person to your child. The counselors are college students with experience in youth programs and counseling who have been selected for leadership skills and their enthusiasm for working with young people. You are encouraged to meet with your child's counselor during the check-in time to share any information, concerns, or ask any questions you may have.


Cell phones are not allowed at ACADEMY. Phones are available in the dorms and in the ACADEMY office for emergencies. Phone calls home are limited.


Healthy food is available at all meals in the dormitory cafeteria. Students are not allowed to take food out of the cafeteria to their rooms. If students bring food from home to have in their dorm room they are encouraged to bring healthy choices. Sugary snacks and soda are discouraged.


You are encouraged to drop your child off on Sunday and pick them up on the following Saturday. Our staff is specially trained to deal with homesickness and other issues that come up at camp. Arranging visits with your child is discouraged and can often take away from their experience at ACADEMY. Letters from home are a great way to communicate with your child while they are at camp.


One of the best things about ACADEMY is the new and lasting friendships your child makes during their week on campus. While we do accept roommate requests, please encourage your child to consider this opportunity to meet new people. If your child does request a roommate, we need to have requests in writing, signed by both students on the bottom of the application form in the space provided.


Students are expected to dress simply and neatly.  Shoes should be worn at all times.
Please do not wear:

  1. Hats or hoods inside the buildings.
  2. Exposed undergarments, including boxer shorts, bras and their straps.
  3. Low-cut or midriff tops.
  1. Clothes for one week, plus clothes hangers.
  2. Sleeping bag, pillow and bath towel for the dorm—they are not provided.
  3. Nice clothing appropriate for the theater—collared shirts for boys and dresses/skirts for girls.
  4. Bathrobe, sleepwear, tennis shoes (for sports), swimsuit, old shoes (to wear in the lake), a towel for swimming, warm jacket and toiletries.
  5. Notebooks, paper, pen, and pencil. (Those in Math/Science classes may wish to bring a calculator.)

NOTE: Laundry facilities are available in each dorm for emergency use. Please pack enough clothing for one full week.

  1. Sports equipment and non-electronic table games.
  2. Reading material.
  3. Camera.
  4. Alarm clock.
  5. Fan for warm weather – dorm rooms are not air-conditioned.
  1. Personal electronic devices (cell phones, walkmans, Ipods, Game Boys, etc.)
  2. Skateboards, roller skates, bicycles
  3. Electrical appliances (TV, Stereo, microwaves).
  4. Amplifiers
  5. Junk food and soda

NOTE: Responsibility for any lost or damaged personal property is solely that of the student. Students are strongly encouraged to keep their room locked when they are not in it. Students should be careful with their room keys—the fee for a lost key is $50.00.


The daily mail call is an important time—students enjoy getting letters from home! Large boxes and packages filled with food and unnecessary items are discouraged. You may write in care of ACADEMY (Counselor Name), SOU YOUTH PROGRAMS, 1250 SISKIYOU BLVD., ASHLAND, OR  97520.


If your child has a medical problem while attending ACADEMY, we will immediately contact you or the person you have designated. The SOU Student Health Service can handle most minor problems during the day, but should an emergency arise, we will go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Please be sure to complete and return the consent for medical treatment form. Any charges for medical attention will be billed to you in a statement following the conclusion of ACADEMY.


ACADEMY is a guest of the University while we are in session, and as such, must pay for any damage that occurs to University property, including dorm rooms. When damage can be traced to a particular student, whether intentional or accidental, we will bill you in a statement that will be sent after the conclusion of ACADEMY.


All meals are served in the Hawk, part of the brand new SOU residence hall complex. The choices are nutritional and well balanced. Vegetarian options are always available. We try to encourage all our students to choose healthy, nutritional meals. Please notify us of any special dietary needs or restrictions that your child may have.


Students will have an awards ceremony on Saturday at 10:30a.m.  We encourage parents and friends to attend. Students will be packing up their belongings before the closing ceremony. We request that parents arrive between 10:00-10:30am. Following the ceremony, students may leave for home. It is extremely important that parents be prompt in picking up their students at the end of the ACADEMY program. If you will be delayed for any reason, please let us know ahead of time. We hope that this information will be helpful to you. The ACADEMY staff is excited and ready to begin another wonderful ACADEMY summer. We are looking forward to seeing you!


You are expected to make ACADEMY a safe, fun, and pleasant place to be for you and for those around whom you work and play this week!

You are expected to:

  • Be courteous to fellow students, faculty, and staff.
  • Be considerate of others: do not rise before 6:30 a.m.; no loud music; stay in your room during quiet time when asked; lights out at 10:00 p.m.
  • Be thoughtful: be on time to class and large group presentations; do not put feet on furniture; be quiet when someone else is speaking - particularly in large group presentations.
  • Be careful: no running in the buildings; no jumping in stairwells; no slamming room doors; no using elevators in campus buildings; stay on campus at all times; always let your counselor know where you are; no hanging out of windows or throwing items out of them.



Use your meal card in the cafeteria. If you lose it, see your counselor or one of the ACADEMY directors. Eat all you want, but please eat what you take.


Students may purchase snacks in the store next to "the new Hawk," SOU's new dining hall.  Eating, drinking, or chewing gum during class time is NOT allowed.


If you feel sick, tell your counselor. We will decide if you need to go to the Health Center. Your counselor can help you with minor injuries using the medical kit in the ACADEMY office. Let your counselor or one of the other ACADEMY staff know if you are not in class due to illness.


If you lose your room key, inquire at the Hall Director’s room in Emerald Hall. Please report your lost key to your counselor. There is a fee of $50.00 for a lost key.


Turn in found items to the Hall Director, an ACADEMY staff member, or at the ACADEMY office. If you’ve lost something, inquire at the ACADEMY office.


Leaving ACADEMY for any reason is discouraged. We feel that it is important for you to make a commitment to participate for the whole week. Please schedule appointments, music lessons, athletic practices and tryouts for times outside of ACADEMY. If you need to leave you must notify the ACADEMY director personally, and your parents must provide a written note to the ACADEMY office.


Student information form
Medical form
Internet Permission form
     *FORMS Coming soon


A limited number of partial tuition assistance awards are available through the ACADEMY program. These awards are made in early June and are based upon demonstrated financial need. When we receive the completed form, we will refer requests to the financial aid committee. You can download the form by clicking on the link below, or you can call our office at 552-6452 and we will mail you the form. We like getting the tuition assistance application and the ACADEMY application together. The deadline for tuition assistance applications is May 15, 2015. Students and their parents are encouraged to contact school and service organizations in their own communities for tuition assistance. These sources have a history of providing support for students participating in the ACADEMY program.

Academy Tuition Assistance Application Form [PDF fillable format] 

Follow these steps to complete the form:

1. Save a copy of the attached form (s) to your hard drive.
2. Enter all required fields of information.
3. Save the completed form on your hard drive.
4. Attach the completed form to the ACADEMY application.