Class Format

Classes at ACADEMY are organized into four one-hour class periods each weekday beginning at 8:15 a.m. The ACADEMY teaching week runs from Monday through Friday.

What Is the Maximum Class Size?

The maximum number of students for an ACADEMY class is generally 20-25.

Course Subject Matter

Classes accepted for presentation at ACADEMY are those which offer subject matter or instructional methods outside of the regular school program. We are primarily interested in course proposals that challenge students, promote use of higher level thinking skills, and which are designed to fit within the five-hour format. If you have taught at ACADEMY before, we encourage you to come up with new classes. Last year's theme was "INQUIRING MINDS" and was the 35th year of ACADEMY.


The ACADEMY program will reimburse you for any expense you incur for supplies for your class up to $5 per student.


We will be happy to duplicate materials for your class, but we appreciate having as much of your materials ahead of your ACADEMY session. Please plan ahead as there is generally a week turn around time.

Room/Facilities Needs

Classes are scheduled in SOU campus rooms. Be sure to indicate if you have special room requirements since we must request these quite early.


We attempt to schedule classes at times you have indicated are convenient to you. If you have any changes in your plans that will affect when you can teach for ACADEMY, please let Rachel Jones and Stephanie Butler know as soon as possible.


Planning ahead for your AV needs is much appreciated by the ACADEMY staff. If you know what you will require, please list it on your course proposal.

Wage Agreement Information

If you have not taught for SOU Youth Programs or ACADEMY in the past year, you will need to fill out an Employee Data Form, I-9 Form, and a W-4 in order for us to process your wage agreement. These forms are available from the SOU Division of Continuing Education Office in the SOU Campus Payroll office in Britt Hall or at the SOU Medford campus in downtown Medford and will be sent to you prior to ACADEMY if your course proposal is accepted. If you have any questions please feel free to call at 552-6326.

Class Evaluations

Towards the end of the class we will ask you to hand out course evaluations to your students. Your evaluation materials will be included with your class list and class roster. Please collect and return evaluation as soon as possible and return them at the conclusion of your class to the ACADEMY office on the SOU Campus.

How to Offer a Class

The following forms will be available here in PDF format. You may type information into the forms, save them, and email them to 2016 Teaching Acad or print them and mail them to: ACADEMY 2016, SOU Pre-College Youth Programs, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland OR 97520. Forms may also be faxed to 541-552-6047.

Course Proposal Instructions-coming soon

Course Proposal Form [PDF fillable form]

Instructor Information Form [PDF fillable form] Be sure to send this with your Course Proposal Form(s).

Proposal deadline is March 1, 2016.