Transferability of ASC Credits
  • ASC classes are an example of nationally recognized programs of college courses taught in high school ("duel credit classes").
  • ASC classes are immediately awarded university credit by Southern Oregon University which is an accredited university.
  • SOU credit awarded for ASC classes is accepted by all Oregon University System institutions.
  • Other colleges and universities will transfer credits according to their own credit transfer policies.
    Most public colleges and universities do accept ASC credit, but there may be differences in how the credit is applied. Some universities will accept the credit as "elective" credit that can't be applied to specific college or major requirements.

Some universities acknowledge duel credit classes as an admission preference, but will not transfer credit that has been earned as a simultaneous high school and college credit.

We recommend that high school students planning on attending colleges or universities outside the Oregon University System call or write specific institutions being considered to find out what their current policies are regarding transferring duel credit classes. We recommend that students keep a portfolio of work from the ASC class to prove their proficiency in the subject. As always, the student should seek advice from their high school counselor in matters related to college admission. Students should also keep in mind that they may not complete their education at the college they first attend and sometimes the college a student transfers into may accept duel credit classes that the first college did not accept.