Spring After School Classes (April 10 - May 17)

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   Wednesdays 1:45- 2:45  Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00



No classes held at this location on Tuesdays.

(We have experienced consistent low enrollment on Tuesdays at Bellview Elementary. If you would like classes to be offered at this location on Tuesdays, please write us at kilpatrih@sou.edu and let us know! We want this program to meet the needs of Bellview families.)


Make and Create: Experimenting with Paint 

Grades 2 & 3

This painting class is an exploration of effects students can create with paint! Students will have the opportunity to work with tempra, acrylics, gouache, and watercolor paints on a variety of papers and surfaces. This class emphasizes experimentation rather than creating “finished” paintings, so that students can feel successful trying new things. Grades 2 and 3

Instructor: Megan Headley

Imagine and Express: Theater Make-Up

Grades 3,4,5

Students will learn techniques in applying theater make-up to create various effects- such as aging, changing genders, transforming species, and enhancing or diminishing facial features to assist character development. Students will engage in viewing demonstrations, practicing on templates, and experimenting with a variety of materials. This class will culminate in students applying character make up (based on one of their designs) to their own face on the last day of class.  (Please note this curriculum will not include any gore, injury, or disfigurement effects, and students will not be allowed to explore these topics during this class.) Grades 3,4,5

Instructor: Oona Meade


Make and Create: Ceramics

Grades 3,4,5

From pinch pots, to slab mugs and simple bird houses, students will hand-build and glaze a variety of ceramic projects that will allow them to explore clay in fun and creative ways. Drawing on their imagination, students will customize the projects to reflect their own design.Grades 3, 4, 5

 Instructor: Liz Obrien


Explore and Experience:  Spring Garden Tasks and Snacks

Grades 3,4,5

Spring is an exciting time in the garden! Students will sow seeds, prepare and plant beds, and make spring-inspired snacks and smoothies. Grades 3,4,5

Instructor: Monica Smith


Tech and Tinker:  Lego Robotics

Grades 4 & 5

This class will be an introduction to Lego Mindstorms NXT components and basic programming. Designed for beginners, students in this class will work in pairs to create simple robotic Lego creations, and experiment with programming motors and sensors to perform simple functions. The class encourages invention and ingenuity and is a great class for students who enjoy team work and collaboration. Grades 4 and 5

  Instructor: Chris Duval

Tech and Tinker: Chain-Reaction Contraptions

Grades 3,4,5

Students will learn to use ordinary materials to design and build “Rube Goldberg machines” (contraptions in which produce a domino effect triggering the next device in the sequence). Fun and amazing, humorous and delightful, these contraptions teach basic physics and engineering concepts while inspiring creative problem solving. Students will work individually, in pairs, and in teams to participate in “challenges” to create chain-reactions like domino mazes and marble runs, and then hook them all together in one epic sequence to perform a simple task. Grades 3,4,5 

Instructor: Ash Friend


How do I know which class is right for my child? 

Before we selected our course offerings, we thought about bigger umbrella categories that cover a variety of activities. You can use the descriptions below to think about your child’s personality and preferences and then find the classes that best fit your student.

Think & Reflect These classes are for more introspective students who like to intellectually explore solo or partnered activities that teach creative and critical thinking skills.

Imagine & Express - These courses are for more extroverted students who like to explore fantasy, imaginative play, and creative thinking and engage in performance.  

Move & Do - Classes for active students who enjoy engaging in play and learning in an activity-based environment. 

Explore & Experience - These classes are for curious students who like to experience the world around them using the five senses and learn about other people and cultures.

Make & Create - Courses for creative students who like to design and experiment with materials to produce functional and/or decorative items.