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Identification and Presentation Specifications

Art Inventory List

The inventory list must accompany artwork. Make sure the list is completely accurate and readable as this will help in keeping your artwork organized. Please leave a list with the Best of the Best personnel when you deliver the artwork.
School Inventory list (PDF Fillable Form)

Name Tag Forms

Name tags must  be typed or clearly printed. Attach a copy of the tag securely to the back of each piece of work. Work without the tag attached, or lacking complete information will not be accepted!
Art Identification Tag (PDF fillable form)

Two Dimensional Work -- Art Identification Tag taped securely to the back of the work.
Three Dimensional Work -- Art Identification Tag taped securely to the bottom of the work.
Jewelry and Small Artwork -- Reduced size tag securely attached to the work.   

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Matting and Secure Hanging Devices

Please Artwork must be ready to hang. Matting, and if possible, framing is strongly recommended.

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