A junior or senior approved by his or her high school for the Early Entry Program or a home schooled student approved by our High School Coordinator may take up to eight credits per term. Students need to be aware that college level course work is generally more time-intensive than high school requirements. If students are enrolled half time or more at the high school level, it is highly recommended they enroll in no more than two university courses in a university term. Students are limited to registering for courses numbered at the 100 and 200 level. Students must be careful to follow their individual program to ensure high school graduation requirements are met.

Student Advising

In the event a student seeks advising from a university faculty member, the faculty member may advise the student. If appropriate, the faculty member may contact the high school counselor who has responsibility for the student or the SOU Coordinator of High School Programs. Contact with the student's counselor ensures that the high school faculty member overseeing the student's progress has all necessary information to serve the student well.


Students are responsible for all transportation arrangements and expenses from their high school to the university campus. Parking on campus is available to SOU parking pass holders. Passes may be purchased from the cashiers in Churchill Hall. For more information see the SOU Parking Services Web page.

Changing a Schedule

Requests for adding, dropping or changing schedules should be directed to the SOU Division of Continuing Education office. All calendars, constraints and fees published in the SOU schedule of classes apply to Early Entry students. When considering schedule changes, please consult applicable dates in the SOU schedule of classes. Failure to adhere to published dates may result in schedule, fee, and/or grading problems. YOU MUST OFFICIALLY DROP A CLASS BY CONTACTING THE DIVISION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFICE.

Students with questions or problems, should contact their high school counselor, or Stephanie Butler, the SOU Coordinator of High School Programs/Division of Continuing Education Programs, at 541-552-6916 or by email: butlers@sou.edu or contact Anita Sartain or Connie Lynn, the Continuing Education Credit Assistants at 552-6452 or 552-6899.