July 29 - August 6, 2016

Parent Meeting / Junta de Padres 
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Check In / Registration 2016 AL ALL PIC
2017 TBA

Driving Directions and Map [PDF form] coming soon

In a few short weeks, you will be arriving on the campus of Southern Oregon University eager to experience the many activities we have planned for you. The staff and teachers have come up with many exciting classes and presentations.  Your stay will be filled with academic challenge, cultural enrichment, recreational fun, and new friends. In order for students to get the most out of their Academia Latina experience, we have established several expectations for both students and parents. We are sure that you will agree that observing these policies will ensure a happy and healthy stay at Academia Latina.

Students, you are expected to...

  • ARRIVE ON TIME: To classes during the day and to afternoon and evening activities as well as meetings with your counselor.
  • FOLLOW YOUR SCHEDULE: Be where you are supposed to be according to your class and activity schedule.
  • STAY ON CAMPUS: We will tour the campus when you arrive and you will be expected to stay within the boundaries we set and always check with your counselor.
  • ASK PERMISSION: Check out with the Director or with your counselor when you need to leave for any reason, no matter how short.

Parents, we ask you to...

  • Send no more than $15 with your student to Academia Latina. This money can be used to purchase items in the bookstore. More money poses problems such as loss and the temptation to buy lots of sugary snacks; we are trying to prevent "sugar highs" that interfere with the students' ability to fully benefit from the program activities.
  • Help us by limiting your child's calls home. In case of emergency, your student can be reached by calling (541) 660-9896 or 552-8991.
  • Notify us ahead of time of any medication or dietary needs of your child. We need to know what medication your child is taking during their stay at Academia Latina. A medical form has been sent to you for that purpose. For the health and well being of all students, we ask that you examine your child for head lice prior to attendance.
  • Be sure we have an accurate emergency number for you or another responsible adult. Sometimes we need to get in touch quickly.
  • If your child needs to leave the program temporarily, please give their counselor or the Academia Latina Director a signed permission slip ahead of time designating date, time, and who will pick up the student. We do not allow students to leave the campus alone, or with unauthorized persons.

Thank you for your cooperation in these policies. We want to make sure that all our Academia Latina students have an outstanding visit.


Housing Information - English [PDF form]

Housing Information - Spanish [PDF form]


We have enclosed a map for your convenience which designates the dormitories students will be staying in and where parking is located. Check-in is on Friday afternoon, July 29 between 6:00 and 7:00pm. Upon arrival on campus, proceed to the registration area without your luggage to receive your room assignments and keys. A counselor will show you to your room.


Your Living Group Counselor will become a very important person to you. They are college students with experience in youth programs and counseling and have been selected for leadership skills and enthusiasm for working with young people. Parents are encouraged to meet with their child's counselor during the check-in time to share any information or concerns or ask any questions they may have.


One of the best things about Academia Latina is the new and lasting friendships you make during your week on campus. While we do accept roommate requests, you are encouraged to consider giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people.  If you do request a roommate, we need to have requests in writing, signed by both parties on or before August 1 if you haven't already put it on your application with signatures.


  1. Clothes for one week. Remember dress code! Nice clothes for the dance and banquet.
  2. Bathrobe, tennis shoes, toiletries
  3. Notebooks, paper, pen, and pencil.
  4. Clothes hangers
  5. Alarm Clock


  1. Sports equipment
  2. Reading material
  3. Camera/film
  4. Backpack
  5. Fan for warm weather (dorms are not air-conditioned)
  6. Artistic projects
  7. CD’s for the dance only (turn in to Counselors)


  1. Linens (they are provided)
  2. Skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, CD player or walkman, iPods
  3. Large electrical appliances (TV, Stereo, Boombox, Hotplate)
  4. Electronic games (i.e., Game Boy, etc.)
  5. Amplifiers
  6. No Cell phones

NOTE: Responsibility for any lost or damaged personal property is solely that of the student. You are strongly encouraged to keep your room locked when you are not in it. Please be careful with your room key; you will be billed $65 for a lost key.


Mail will be distributed daily. You may write in care of: Academia Latina, Southern Oregon University, DCE Youth Programs, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 97520.


If your child has a medical problem while attending Academia Latina, we will immediately contact you or the person you have designated. The SOU Student Health Service can handle most minor problems during the day, but should an emergency arise, we will go to the nearest hospital. Please be sure to complete and return the consent for medical treatment form. Any charges for medical attention will be passed on to you in a statement following the conclusion of Academia Latina.


Academia Latina is a guest of the university while we are in session, and as such, must pay for any damage to university property (including dorm rooms) that occurs. When damage can be traced to a particular student, whether intentional or accidental, we must pass on the fine in a statement sent after the conclusion of Academia Latina.


All meals will be cafeteria-style in the Cascade Cafeteria which is in your child's dormitory complex. The meals are nutritional and well balanced. We try to encourage all our students to choose healthy, nutritional meals. Please notify us of any special dietary needs your child may have.


Students will be packing up and checking out of the dorms at noon, Saturday, August 8. Parents are invited to the closing ceremony at 10:00am on Saturday. The program ends at 11:30. It is extremely important that parents be prompt in picking up their students at the end of the Academia Latina program no later than 12:00noon. If you will be delayed for any reason, please let us know ahead of time.

We hope that this information will be helpful to you. The Academia Latina staff is excited and ready to begin another wonderful Academia Latina summer. We are looking forward to seeing you!  Below are the forms to return to us before the start of Academia Latina. You may use either the English or the Spanish version of the form.

2017 forms to be posted - These forms will be in PDF format:

Medform In English
Medform In Spanish
Student Info Form In English
Student Info Form In Spanish