Because of the popularity of our residential programs, we encourage students to complete and submit their applications early. Please call 541-552-6452 to receive a brochure and application.

Please note: There is no online registration for residential camps.


A Residential Camp for Talented and Highly Able Students
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Session I; June 19-25, 2016
: Students completing 5 & 6 plus Junior Counselors (grades 10–12)
Session II; June 19-25, 2016: Students completing grades 5–8 plus Junior Counselors (grades 10–12)

ACADEMY 2016 offers a broad range of classes, workshops, cultural experiences, and recreational activities for talented and highly able students who have completed grades 5 through 8. Students selected for each week-long residential session live on the Southern Oregon University campus, where they interact with students of similar abilities while being challenged by creative, imaginative instructors and activities. Fees: Student: $750 / Junior Counselor: $550


A Residential Camp for Latino Students
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July 29 - August 6, 2016:
Students completing grades 7–9, Leadership Program for students completing 10 & 11 grades, plus Junior Counselors (for students completing grades 11–12)

Academia Latina 2016 is a week-long  camp designed to inspire Latino students to explore the learning and career opportunities that university education affords. This program offers classes, workshops, cultural experiences, and recreational activities. Students will interact with other Latino students from southern Oregon while being challenged by creative, bilingual instructors and exciting activities. Fee: Students - $750; Junior Counselor - $495


Students may sign up for one of the following:
Session 1: August 16-19, 2016 for ages 10–13
1:00pm Tuesday – 6:00pm Friday

Session 2: August 21-24, 2016 for ages 10-13
1:00 pm Sunday - 6:00 pm Wednesday

Sea Camp of Oregon offers youth a unique hands-on learning experience to the beautiful and intriguing coast of Charleston, Oregon, with its diverse ecosystems. Participants will explore tide pools, go crabbing, observe marine wildlife, go hiking and are involved in many other hands-on activities and field trips.


July 15-22, 2017 for Native American Students in grades 7-12
Students spend time with tribal elders and native American teachers during classes, lectures and presentations as they spend 8 days and experience the academic setting of SOU.


July 7-16, 2017: Our newest program is scheduled for high school students who have completed 9th grade, but have yet not graduated from high school. Students receive first-class instruction by professional artists in creative writing and/or fine arts through intensive hands-on workshops, mentoring, evaluation and presentation of completed works.