Fall Schedule - Classes for students in 3rd-5th grade

Dates: October 3-November 17, 2017 (no classes the week of October 30)

Select a class below to register. We want to ensure that as many students as possible get to try out an ASEP class. Due to limited space, please only register your student for one class per session. 





Explore & Experience: World Percussion

Students in this class will use djembes, doumbeks, frame drums, and other percussion instruments to explore our world through sound and rhythm. No prior drumming experience necessary to participate. Students will learn beats from different cultures, improvise and “jam” together, and co-create an original drum song. On the last day, students will have the opportunity to record their musical creations to share with family and friends.

Instructor: Adam Kukuk

Think & Reflect: Creative Zine-Making

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a self-published mini-magazine. As a pursuit of free expression and distribution of ideas, zines have a long and fascinating history in the literary world. In this class, students will learn how to create and self-publish small books using simple materials and a photocopier. This class will emphasize self-expression through drawing, writing, and collage.

Instructor: Rene Allen


Special Topic: Seasonal Gardening

Students will join a Rogue Valley Farm to School instructor in gardening activities, building and craft projects, and learning through games that will focus on the seasonal needs of their school’s garden space. For Fall, this class will focus on the garden life-cycle, seed saving, composting, and the nutrition of edible plant parts. Scavenger hunts, observation activities, and harvesting will teach students the value of growing and perpetuating food plants.

Instructor: Rogue Valley Farm to School

Tech & Tinker: Lego Robotics

This class will be an introduction to Lego Mindstorms NXT components and basic programming. Designed for beginners, students in this class will work in pairs to create a simple programmable robot that uses a variety of sensors to respond to commands. This class will culminate in a last-day “challenge” that will encourage invention and ingenuity. Students in this class should be prepared to participate in an environment of positive encouragement with their building partners and classmates.

Instructor: Chris Duval

Make & Create: Ceramics

Students will learn hand-building and decorative techniques while creating a series of low-fire ceramic tiles. Students will receive instruction on how to use clay to convey ideas, and will brainstorm subjects individually and collectively. Students will gain exposure to proper use of glazing techniques and will assist in the unloading of the kiln to discuss the changes that result from the firing process.

Instructor: Jess Volk

Make & Create: Sketching Your Ideas

Students will learn to sketch, draw and color with a variety of materials to transform their ideas into visual elements for future inspiration. The class will cover color theory, shading, basic perspective, proportions, and the uses of sketching as tools for recording one's unique artwork. Sketchbooks will become a record of the lessons and a "springboard" for habitual design work beyond the class.

Instructor: Samuel Lindley

Move & Do: Soft-Tipped Archery

Students in this class will use specialized archery gear designed for
maximum safety, including rubber-tipped arrows. Each session will build on the development of archery skills, beginning with safety,
proper use and care of archery equipment, form, technique, breathing, concentration, focus and precision. Each participant will have plenty of opportunity to develop their shooting skills at a variety of fun, creative targets. Playing on the idea of both real and figurative trajectory, each student will have the opportunity to make their own personal
goal-based “vision target” which they will present at their last session.

Instructor: Lloyd Canty

Imagine & Express: Introduction to Acting

This class is aimed toward performative students who want to build their acting skills through games and exercises.  Students will develop their stage presence, collaborative skills, and creativity through vocal and physical activities. This course will culminate in an in-class “mini-performance” for an audience of classmates that will give students the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.

Instructor: Craig Lamm

Think & Reflect: Principals and Strategies of Chess

Learning chess can teach critical thinking skills, enhance respect and enjoyment of interactions with peers, and build knowledge that applies outside of the game. This class will introduce students to the basic rules and etiquette of chess. All participants will learn chess strategies through lessons and build skills while playing chess games with fellow students. Some familiarity with chess is helpful, but not required.

Instructor: Ed Hirsch

How do I know which class is right for my child?

Before we selected our course offerings, we thought about bigger umbrella categories that cover a variety of activities. You can use the descriptions below to think about your child’s
personality and preferences and then find the classes that best fit your student.

Think & Reflect - These classes are for students who like to intellectually explore solo or partnered activities that teach creative and critical thinking skills.

Imagine & Express - These courses are for students who like to explore fantasy, imaginative play,  and  creative thinking.

Move & Do - Classes for students who enjoy being active and learning in an activity-based environment.

Explore & Experience - These classes are for students who like to explore the world around them and learn about other cultures through experiential learning using the five senses.

Make & Create - Courses for students who like to design and experiment with materials to produce functional and/or decorative items.

Special Topics - These classes allow for specialized instructors who are offering a class in  something unique.