• Sustainability Tip of the Month: Sea-Food Smartly

    Sustainability Tip of the Month: Sea-Food Smartly

    Many of us love seafood, but between overfishing and news of slavery in the fishing industry, it's important to be aware of what our purchases are supporting. Fortunately, there are Read More
  • Sustainable Landscape: SOU Bioswale

    Sustainable Landscape: SOU Bioswale

    Did you know that SOU has a bioswale?Bioswale? What is a bioswale?A bioswale is a biofilter that collects and removes pollutants from a parking lot using natural elements similar to Read More
  • Landscape Welcomes New Team Members

    Landscape Welcomes New Team Members

    SOU Landscape is very excited to have gained two new employees to its team this semester!Jake Bewley is a native southern Oregonian that is very excited to have joined the Read More
  • SOU Joins Ranks of Bicycle-Friendly Universities

    SOU Joins Ranks of Bicycle-Friendly Universities

    (Ashland, Ore.) — Southern Oregon University joined 163 other visionary colleges and universities around the country today when it was recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Read More
  • Major & Career Exploration

    Major & Career Exploration

    Not sure what you want to study at SOU? Undecided about your career path? Want a course that ends early or starts late? Looking for 2 elective credits? Then register Read More
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 Alumni and Former Students
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Contact Information


Academic Advising

Donny Nickelson
  (541) 552-6213

Academic and Student Affairs

Susan Walsh
  (541) 552-6114


Kelly Moutsatson
  (541) 552-6411

Alumni Relations

Michael Beagle
  (541) 552-6874


Matt Sayre
  (541) 552-6273

Board of Trustees

Sabrina Prud'homme
  (541) 552-6060


Tannia Shewman
  (541) 552-6178

Budget Office

Mark Denney
  (541) 552-6933

Business Services

Steve Larvick
  (541) 552-6594

Campus Mail Services

Teri McPherson
  (541) 552-6200

Campus Public Safety

Frederick Creek
  (541) 552-6258


Janet Fratella
  (541) 552-6873

Disability Resources

Shawn Foster
  (541) 552-6213

Division of Continuing Education

Jeanne Stallman
  (541) 552-6331

Enrollment Services

Matt Stillman
  (541) 552-6600

Facilities Management and Planning

Drew Gilliland
  (541) 552-6231

Finance and Administration

Craig Morris
  (541) 552-6319

Grants Administration

Joanne Preston
  (541) 552-6161

Hannon Library

Circulation Desk
  (541) 552-6860

Higher Education Center

Jeanne Stallman
  (541) 552-8100

Human Resources

Alana Lardizabal
  (541) 552-8553 

Information Technology

Brad Christ
  (541) 552-6451

Institutional Research

Chris Stanek
  (541) 552-8786

International Programs

Virginia Roberson
  (541) 552-6336

Jefferson Public Radio

Paul Westhelle
  (541) 552-6301

Marketing and Communications

Nicolle Aleman
  (541) 552-7246

Multicultural Resource Center

Marvin Woodard
  (541) 552-8793

Oregon Center for the Arts

David Humphrey
  (541) 552-6522

Outreach and Engagement

Jeanne Stallman
  (541) 552-6699


Frederick Creek
  (541) 552-6258

President's Office

Dr. Linda Schott
  (541) 552-6111

Printing and Copy Services

John Silverman
  (541) 552-6165

Queer Resource Center

Thomas Arce
  (541) 552-6488

SOU Dining

  (541) 552-6477

Schneider Children's Center

Debbie Gary
  (541) 552-8224

Schneider Museum of Art

Scott Malbaurn
  (541) 552-6245

Service Center

Brian Kinsey
  (541) 552-6413

Small Business Development Center

Jack Vitacco
  (541) 552-8331

Student Health and Wellness Center

Sue Phillips
  (541) 552-6692

Student Life

Jennifer Fountain
  (541) 552-6461

Student Support and Intervention

Taylor Burke
  (541) 552-6221

Success at Southern TRIO Program

Jane Reeder
  (541) 552-6983

University Housing

Tim Robitz
  (541) 552-6998

Women's Resource Center

Riah Safady Gooding
  (541) 552-6216


Enrollment Services
Campus Public Safety
 (541) 552-6258 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
 (541) 552-6911 (Evenings and Weekends)
University Housing
Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520
 (541) 552-7672
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