• Are you ready for the future? The Bald Futurist to Speak at SOU

    Are you ready for the future? The Bald Futurist to Speak at SOU

    The Bald Futurist: In this energetic talk, futurist Steve Brown will discuss the future of work: A world of augmented workers, human-machine partnerships, and totally reimagined business operations. The educational Read More
  • SOU Parking Moves to License Plate Recognition

    SOU Parking Moves to License Plate Recognition

    The SOU parking department is excited to announce the implementation of our new parking software system that utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology! We have partnered with NuPark through a Read More
  • Week of Welcome

    Week of Welcome

    During WoW we welcome everyone back and celebrate SOU's vibrant campus life. We begin to explore and develop an understanding of the outstanding community, leadership, health, and diversity that make Read More
  • Student Life Presents: Benjamin O'Keefe

    Student Life Presents: Benjamin O'Keefe

    Benjamin O'Keefe is already taking the world by storm as a speaker, Internet personality, and leader in progressive politics. O'Keefe gained international acclaim after beginning a global movement against the Read More
  • Top LGBTQ-Friendly Ranking for Fifth Year in a Row

    Top LGBTQ-Friendly Ranking for Fifth Year in a Row

    Southern Oregon University has been recognized for the fifth year in a row as one of the nation's Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges and Universities by Campus Pride, a nonprofit that Read More
  • One Learning Community to Support Many Journeys

    One Learning Community to Support Many Journeys

    Each of us – faculty, staff or student – is on a personal learning journey. The Instructional Institute (September 21-22) offers an opportunity to explore the nature of each of these learning Read More
  • Oregon Wildfires: Air Quality

    Oregon Wildfires: Air Quality

    Wildfire smoke in Southern Oregon is leading to unhealthy air quality readings in many areas across the state, including Medford, Jacksonville and the Applegate Valley. Southern Oregon University is closely Read More
  • Apply Today!

    Apply Today!

    Ever considered a Master's Degree in Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership? This incredible, one-of-a-kind program will help you take your outdoor career to the next level. Our graduates will learn Read More
  • New Leadership Development Course: Open for Fall Registration

    New Leadership Development Course: Open for Fall Registration

    Leadership Development UGS 299 CRN 2313 is open for students to earn 1 credit per term for fall 2017, winter 2018, and spring 2018. This is a hybrid course designed Read More
  • EPIC Presents: Naomi Grossman

    EPIC Presents: Naomi Grossman

    EPIC Presents: Naomi Grossman – Women in Comedy and Disabilities in the Media About Naomi Grossman: Named one of IMDb's "Top 10 Breakout Stars," Naomi played the fan-favorite and first crossover Read More
  • New Inter Club Council Student Leaders

    New Inter Club Council Student Leaders

    The Inter Club Council is a self-governing committee of ASSOU. The student leaders of ICC are charged with helping student organizations fulfill their purpose, do big things, and navigate university Read More
  • Summer 2017 Sustainability Tips

    Summer 2017 Sustainability Tips

    There is no doubt that summer is upon us, with all its blazing glory. Last month we shared some tips with you to keep cool in the heat of summer. Read More
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Former Students and Employees
SOU provides former students and employees with online access to personal records including transcripts, address updates, financial records, and more.        

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Academic Advising

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Alumni Relations

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Matt Sayre
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Board of Trustees

Sabrina Prud'homme
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Tannia Shewman
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Budget Office

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Business Services

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Campus Public Safety

Frederick Creek
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Center for the Arts

David Humphrey
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Development/SOU Foundation

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Disability Resources

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Division of Continuing Education

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Enrollment Services

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Grants Administration

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Hannon Library

Circulation Desk
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Higher Education Center

Jeanne Stallman
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Human Resources

Alana Lardizabal
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Information Technology

Brad Christ
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Institutional Research

Chris Stanek
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International Programs

Virginia Roberson
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Jefferson Public Radio

Paul Westhelle
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Marketing and Communications

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Multicultural Resource Center

Marvin Woodard
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National Parks Service

Lorin Groshong
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Outreach and Engagement

Jeanne Stallman
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Frederick Creek
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President's Office

Linda Schott
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Printing and Copy Services

John Silverman
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Provost's Office

Susan Walsh
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Queer Resource Center

Thomas Arce
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Rogue Valley Community Television

Brandon Givens
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Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra

Jane Kenworthy
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SOU Dining

Shanel Hakanson
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Schneider Children's Center

Debra Gary
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Schneider Museum of Art

Scott Malbaurn
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Service Center

Brian Kinsey
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Small Business Development Center

Marshall Doak
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Student Health and Wellness Center

Sue Phillips
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Student Life

Jennifer Fountain
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Student Support and Intervention

Taylor Burke
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Success at Southern

Jane Reeder
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University Housing

Noah Hurley
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Women's Resource Center

Riah Safady Gooding
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