• OCA Theatre Presents

    OCA Theatre Presents "She Kills Monsters": Plays and Discussion

    The Oregon Center for the Arts will present the play She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen in the Black Box theatre of the newly remodeled theatre building at SOU.The play Read More
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018

    Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018

    The Banff Mountain Film Festival is returning to Southern Oregon University on February 5th and 6th! Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm.The Banff Mountain Film Festival Read More
  • SOU Green Fund Now Accepting Applications!

    SOU Green Fund Now Accepting Applications!

    The SOU Green Fund is a Student-Fee supported initiative that provides financial support to students interested in designing projects that enhance and further economic, environmental, and social sustainability at SOU. Read More
  • Frankenstein 200

    Frankenstein 200

    Come celebrate Mary Shelly's Frankenstein's 200th anniversary! ScienceWorks Program Coordinator Finn Smith will present at Southern Oregon University’s Friday Science Seminar Series on Friday, January 19th. The presentation will explore Read More
  • Polynesian Education Conference

    Polynesian Education Conference

    Aloha!The Ho'opa'a Hawai'i Club will be hosting a Conference this term. This conference will be on Friday, February 2, 2018. It will be FREE for all SOU Students, however, you Read More
  • Speak Out: 2nd Annual Southern Oregon Women's March

    Speak Out: 2nd Annual Southern Oregon Women's March

    We march in Medford Oregon on January 20th, 2018, to celebrate the lives of women and promote solidarity among people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations, abilities and Read More
  • EMDA: Student Animated Sci-Fi Short Film!

    EMDA: Student Animated Sci-Fi Short Film!

    Hello! My name is Cailin Tamplin and I am a student in the EMDA program. I am excited to announce an animated sci-fi short film that I have been working Read More
  • SOU Art Degrees: Create Something Amazing!

    SOU Art Degrees: Create Something Amazing!

    The Art Program at SOU focuses on collaboration, research, and experimentation in order to prepare our students to thrive as creative professionals. With exceptional studio facilities and equipment, students have Read More
  • Free Legal Help for Enrolled SOU Students

    Free Legal Help for Enrolled SOU Students

    SOU Students have their own lawyer! FREE legal help is provided to any enrolled student! Talk to a lawyer in private about legal questions, or even what being a lawyer is Read More
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Former Students and Employees
SOU provides former students and employees with online access to personal records including transcripts, address updates, financial records, and more.        

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Alumni Relations

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Board of Trustees

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Budget Office

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Center for the Arts

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Chamber Music Concerts

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Hannon Library

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Higher Education Center

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Human Resources

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Information Technology

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Institutional Research

Chris Stanek
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International Programs

Virginia Roberson
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Jefferson Public Radio

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Marketing and Communications

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Multicultural Resource Center

Marvin Woodard
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National Parks Service

Lorin Groshong
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Outreach and Engagement

Jeanne Stallman
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Frederick Creek
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President's Office

Linda Schott
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Printing and Copy Services

John Silverman
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Provost's Office

Susan Walsh
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Queer Resource Center

Thomas Arce
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Rogue Valley Community Television

Brandon Givens
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Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra

Jane Kenworthy
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SOU Dining

Shanel Hakanson
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Schneider Children's Center

Debra Gary
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Schneider Museum of Art

Scott Malbaurn
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Small Business Development Center

Marshall Doak
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Student Health and Wellness Center

Sue Phillips
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Student Life

Jennifer Fountain
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Student Support and Intervention

Taylor Burke
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Success at Southern

Jane Reeder
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University Housing

Noah Hurley
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Women's Resource Center

Riah Safady Gooding
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