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As the Student Government of Southern Oregon University, ASSOU fights for issues that matter to students on campus, in our community, in the state of Oregon, and nationally.

ASSOU is committed to making students’ lives better through social organizing, legislative advocacy, and voter registration. You can get involved as an intern or volunteer, or contact us with questions or comments.

The Student Incidental Fee

Each student pays a fee every term that funds student life programming (clubs, resource centers, and more), athletics, the student recreation center, the Stevenson Union, and many other awesome programs. ASSOU's student fee committees are responsible for allocating funds. The student incidental fee is set, allocated, and funded based upon the decisions made by the Student Fee Budget and Allocation Committees, and the University President.

Look for this logo around campus to see where your student fee money goes.  Contact ASSOU to get involved with the student fee committees.


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