Faculty members in the Criminology & Criminal Justice Department are devoted to providing a rigorous academic experience and high quality CCJ education. CCJ faculty members have carefully analyzed and modified the curriculum to maximize educational quality. Knowledge, Skill, and Dispositional outcomes have been developed by the CCJ Department and are provided here to communicate to students the content they will learn, the skills they will develop and the attitudes, values and dispositions required for successful employment in the field of criminal justice. Thus, when completing a CCJ degree, students should have these outcomes:

Knowledge Outcomes

1. Students will be able to explain how constitutional limitations, cultural norms and values, and other factors influence the administration of justice

2. Students will be able to identify and compare different criminal justice systems and its components.

3. Students will differentiate between biological, sociological, cultural, and psychological motivations for committing crimes and be able to explain how these motivations differ in their impact upon the individual and society

Skill Outcomes

1. Students will be able to communicate effectively using writing, speech, active listening, and/or group work.

2. Students will reason inductively by constructing a logical argument that requires the identification of valid and reliable support, while being cognizant of the potential flaws in logic and/or methodology.

3. Students will think abstractly by selecting information (or a situation), identifying a pattern, and comparing it with other information (or situations).

4. Students will be able to access and use information resources effectively and ethically.

Dispositional Outcomes

1. Students will appreciate the importance of a deep, current and broad-based knowledge of the criminal justice system.

2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical practices in the workplace.

3. Students will engage in civic activities in their communities.

4. Students will value the importance of diversity within the criminal justice system.