Associate Professor

     Office: Taylor 223
     Phone: (541) 552-8288



Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Doctor of Philosophy, Criminology (2008)
Dissertation: Gender And Justice: An Examination Of Policy And Practice Regarding Judicial Waiver. 
University of Colorado at Denver: Master of Criminal Justice
University of New Mexico: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Oxford University, England; Continuing Studies



Joined the SOU Criminology Department in 2008
Delinquency Prevention Specialist; 2006-2007
Alternative Homes for Youth- Emancipation Program Counselor;  2002- 2004
Juvenile Residential Treatment Center Counselor; 2000-2002
 Division of Youth Corrections Amnesty Unit; 1998-2000


Recent Teaching Areas:

Introduction to Criminology
Theories of Criminal Behavior
Crime Control Theories and Policies
Juvenile Delinquency
Seminars: Crime and the Media; Environmental Crime; Women and Crime


Recent Research Interests:

Delinquency prevention
Gender and Juvenile Justice


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Burke, A.S. (2015).  Trends of the time: An examination of judicial waiver in one state.  Social Sciences, 4(3) p. 820-837.
Burke, A. S. and Bush, M. (2012). Service learning and criminal justice: An exploratory study of student perspectives.  Educational Review.
Burke, A. S. (2011). Under construction: Brain formation, culpability, and the criminal justice system. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, doi:10.1016/j.ijlp.2011.10.001.
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Freiburger, T., & Burke, A. S. (2011). Status offenders in the juvenile court: The effects of gender, race, and ethnicity on the adjudication decision. Journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.  doi: 10.1177/1541204011399933
Burke, A. S. (2011).  Girls and the juvenile court: An historical examination of the treatment of girls. Criminal Law Bulletin, 47(1).
Freiburger, T. and Burke, A. S. (2010).  Adjudication decisions of Black, White, Hispanic, and Native American youth in juvenile court.  Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 8(4) p.231-247.


Burke, Alison S. (2009).  Gender and Justice: An Examination of Policy and Practice Regarding Judicial Waiver.  VDM Publishing.

Other Publications:

Marlowe, B and Burke, A. (2016).  Non-government Organizations’ Mountain Management: A Support
Model for Southern Oregon’s Mountain Destinations.  In H. Richins and J.S. Hulls (Eds) Mountain Tourism: Experiences, Communities, Enviornments, and Sustainable Futures. Oxfordshire, UK: CABI publishing. p. 358-367.
Burke, A.S. (2015).  Review of "The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime: The Perfect Storm?" by Nicholas Ryder.  Criminal Justice Review.
Burke, A.S. and Dodge, M. (2014). Guest editors' introduction.  Women and Criminal Justice, 24(3), p. 173-175.
Burke, A. S. (2010).  Gendered juvenile justice.  Encyclopedia of Adolescence. Roger J.R. Levesque (Ed.) Springer Publishing Company.

Burke, A. S. (2010).  Review of Transforming environmentalism: Warren County, PCBs, and the origins of environmental justice, by Eileen McGurty.  International Criminal Justice Review, 20; p.100-101.
Dodge, M., Harris, J. C., and Burke, A. (2009). Calling a strike a ball: Jury nullification and ‘three strikes’ cases. Reprinted: In G.L. Mays and P.R. Gregware (Eds.). Courts and Justice: A Reader (4th Ed.). Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press
 Burke, A. S. (2007). Female juvenile delinquents. Encyclopedia of Race and Crime.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
 Burke, A. S. (2004). Review of juvenile justice: A guide to theory and practice, (5th Ed.), by S. M. Cox, J. J. Conrad, and J. M. Allen. Criminal Justice Review, 29(2) 406-407. 

Professional Organizations, Affiliations, and Activities:

American Society of Criminology
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
European Society of Criminology
ACJS Juvenile Justice Section, Chair 2010-2011
Western Association of Criminal Justice, President October 2015- October 2016
Western and Pacific Association of Criminal Justice Educators


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