Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I have to pay for parking?

The SOU Parking Department is self-sustainable, as mandated by the State of Oregon, and does not receive any public or SOU general funds to support it. The costs of salaries, resurfacing, painting, and regular parking lot maintenance is paid for through permit sales, event fees, parking meter revenue, and citation fees.

Is there any free parking on campus?

Free parking has been reduced on campus. Permit decals or valid meter tickets must be displayed 24 hours a day. Many lots have timed parking spaces where visitors can park for short durations of time without a permit. Vehicles that remain in a timed spot for more than the posted time period may be subject to an overtime parking citation ($25). Click on the campus map link above to view all the lots with timed parking spaces. Invited guests, when issued a one-day guest permit from the hosting department, may park in any red, yellow or green lot for free. Use of guest passes are not allowed in timed or metered parking spaces.

Where can I park for a few minutes to drop something off?

We now have visitor parking meters located in lots: 1, 12, 29 and 36. Lots 1, 29 and 36 have new parking meters that will accept both coin and credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard). The payment rates are as follows:

$0.25 - 15 Minutes

$0.50 - 30 Minutes

$0.75 - 45 Minutes

$1.00/Hour (up to 5 hours)

$6.00 - 24 Hour permit

$2.00 - Weekend permit (valid Saturday-Sunday)

$20.00 - 5 Day permit


Meter tickets are valid in any parking lot that has a parking meter.

Vehicles that fail to display a valid meter ticket upright on their dashboard may be subject to receiving a $30 parking citation.

By what authority can you enforce parking regulations, and where can I find them?

The Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) are published by the Oregon Secretary of State office which grants authority through ORS 352.360 and action of the Oregon University System pursuant to such statute to establish and enforce parking regulations.  Complete information can be found at

How do I purchase a parking permit?

Parking permits can be purchased online or in person at the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) located in Britt Hall. When purchased online, permits are available for pick up at the ESC after 10 am the following business day, or you can elect to have it mailed to the address you specify. After purchasing your permit online print out the receipt and place it upright on your dashboard until you receive your permit decal. Secondary, motorcycle, carpool, payroll deduction, hang tags,day use permits, conference permits and/or vendors permits are also available at the ESC. Yearly permits are pro-rated throughout the year and for sale on-line at

I purchased my permit online, why haven’t I received it yet?

After you order a permit online it will be available to pick up at the ESC after 10 am the following business day; or you can choose to have it mailed to you. When filling out the purchase form online, make sure to check the box specifying whether you would like to have your permit mailed to you, or if you will pick it up at ESC. If you do not specify a method then by default it will say you are going to pick it up in person. If you are still unsure why you haven’t received your permit then contact enrollment services.   

What do the different colored parking lots mean?

Permit decal stickers are color coded to correspond with lot colors:

  • RED: Residential Student
  • GREEN: Commuter Student
  • YELLOW: Administration, Faculty/Staff

Some parking lots on campus are reserved only for one permit color. Other parking lots allow parking for all three permit colors. Yellow permits are the only ones that can park in any colored lot. The lots have entrance signs indicating which color permit is required for parking in that lot. If you park in a lot that requires a permit color different from your own permit color, you may receive a $20 parking citation for improper permit.

Why do I want to buy a permit?

A full year permit is a great value in time and cost savings. Permits eliminate the need for a pocket full of correct change for the pay meters, or fines from parking citations. $30 parking citations may be issued to vehicles on campus that fail to display a permit or valid meter ticket.

I purchased a permit but am driving a loaner car, what do I do?

Visit the Enrollment Services Center located in Britt Hall, or call 552-6600 prior to parking on campus, to pick up a substitute permit. You must provide license number of the loaner to obtain a substitute permit.

The Green or Yellow Lots are full, now what?

Because space is limited, parking spots are first come first serve. Some parking lots are often full during peak hours. However, parking is usually available a short walk away in lots: 1, 12, 16, 30, 36 & 41.

How do I place a permit on my vehicle?

Permit placement is required by OAR rule to assist enforcement. To help ensure adherence follow the instructions on the back. Place permit on a clean and dry surface. Do not tape to the inside of windows. The permit must be affixed to the left side of the vehicle; on the bumper, body or on the outside of the windows behind driver of the vehicle where clearly visible. Affixing the permit to a window with a heating device may cause the loss of the permit during cold, winter days; and subject to a $30 replacement fee.

My permit is missing, now what?

A replacement permit may be purchased for $30.  The lost sticker will be flagged in the computer system so that anyone found using the lost/stolen permit will be cited $85 for fraudulent display and incur further fines.

I have a DMV issued disabled placard, why do I need to purchase a permit?

The OARS apply to all motor vehicles parked on campus. Therefore valid permits or meter tickets are required to park in all handicap spaces, in addition to the DMV issued placard.   

I received a parking citation. Now what?

You have fifteen calendar days to file an appeal or pay the citation before the fee is placed on your student account. Additional charges for collection fees will accrue in order to identify the vehicle’s ownership.

How do I pay the citation?

You can pay either in person at the Enrollment Services Center, or send a check in the mail. There is also a drop box located out front of Britt Hall. 

TO MAIL PAYMENT: Write your check out to the "SOU Parking Department" and send it in the orange envelope that your citation came in. Include the citation with your payment as well. If you no longer have the orange envelope, use the address listed at the bottom of this page. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

How do I appeal my citation?

Within the first fifteen calendar days after recieving your citation you can appeal it. To appeal it online visit: The Ticket Appeals Board (TAB) meets every other week. When you file an appeal you will receive an email from TAB notifying you of their decision. It can take up to several weeks before you hear back about your appeal. You can always attend the TAB meeting in person to speak on your behalf, however it is not required. 

What happens if I have multiple unpaid parking citations?

If a citation is not paid within fifteen days then the charge will be applied to the vehicle owner’s SOU account. If we cannot identify the owner of a vehicle that has multiple unpaid parking citations, the vehicle could be booted in order to identify the owner. In that case the owner would have to pay an additional boot fee. 

Where are the parking meters located?

We now have visitor parking meters located in lots: 1, 12, 29, 36, and 41. Lots 1, 29 and 36 have new parking meters that will accept both coin and credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard). The payment rates are as follows:

$0.25 - 15 Minutes

$0.50 - 30 Minutes

$0.75 - 45 Minutes

$1.00/Hour (up to 5 hours)

$6.00 - 24 Hour permit

$2.00 - Weekend permit (valid Saturday-Sunday)

$20.00 - 5 Day permit

The meter tickets are valid in any lots that have a parking meter.

The parking meters located in lot 12 and 41 are also $1.00 per hour. These meters accept coins and bills, but not cards.

I put money in the meter and it didn’t give me a ticket, now what?

Instructions are posted on the new parking meters. To report any mechanical malfunctions, please call: (541) 552-6600, or (541) 552-6666.


I am hosting an event on campus, how do I arrange parking for attendees?

All campus groups, events, conferences, camps, workshops, community meetings, etc. should make prior arrangements to pay for parking for their guests. All contracts to utilize or rent buildings will need to include a fee on behalf of parking. Make arrangements at least two weeks in advance, this way the parking department will know not to issue citations at that time/location. To fill out an event request form visit:

If your event expects less than 50 people, contact the parking department about getting a meter code for visitors to use at the parking meters. email or call 541-552-6666.

Where can I park my motorcycle or scooter?

Motorcycles and scooters can share the signed “motorcycle parking only” spaces in any posted lot. Motorcycle permits are available to purchase at a reduced rate, but are only valid in designated motorcycle parking spaces. Motorcycles that pay for a full use permit may park in any full-size spaces that correspond with the permit color.

Is there somewhere I can park my Electric Vehicle?

In lot 8 there are four parking spots reserved for electric vehicles. The spots are marked:  “EV and Service Vehicles Only”. Non-electric vehicles that park in the designated EV spots may be issued a citation for parking in a reserved spot.

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