Frequently Asked Questions:

What is License Plate Recognition?

In the summer of 2017, the SOU Parking Department implemented a new parking software system called NuPark, which utilizes the latest License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology. The SOU Parking Department vehicles have LPR cameras on them that scan license plates while driving through the parking lots. With this new system, permits have all become “virtual” instead of the former “physical” (decals and hang tags) permits used previously on campus. A virtual permit is registered to a vehicle’s license plate, and is not a physical permit placed on or inside the vehicle. An SOU virtual permit must be purchased online through the parking services website portal in order to be recognized as valid by the SOU Parking Department. Virtual permits are serialized for use on specific vehicle(s) with a license plate designated by the purchaser at the time of purchase.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

The SOU Parking Department is self-sustainable, as mandated by the State of Oregon, and does not receive any public or SOU general funds to support it. The costs of salaries, resurfacing, painting, and regular parking lot maintenance is paid for through permit sales, event fees, parking meter revenue, and citation fees.

Is there any free parking on campus?

There is no free parking on campus, except for Raider Orientation and Registration (ROAR) days.

Where can I park for a few minutes to drop something off?

The visitor parking meters are located in lots: 1, 12, 29, 36, 37 and 41. These meters all accept coins and credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard). 

Meter Receipt Rates:
$0.50 - 30 Minutes
$0.75 - 45 Minutes
$1.00 - 60 Minutes
$10.00 - 24 Hour permit
$20.00 - 3 Day permit
$30.00 - 7 Day permit

During business hours (6am-6pm Monday-Friday), meter permits are valid in any parking lot that has a parking meter. After hours and weekends, valid meter permits may be used to parking in any student commuter or faculty/staff parking zone.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

 Please login to the NuPark Portal:

If you have an active SOU email, use those credentials to log in on the left side of the screen. If you do not, click the “are you a visitor?” link on the right side of the screen and create a guest account.

For more information on permit types, click on the “Parking Permits” link on the parking website.

How do I Register Multiple Vehicles to my Virtual Permit?

Once you have chosen the type of permit you want, and after you have entered your vehicle(s) information into the portal, you will see a screen that says “Add a Vehicle”. Hold down the “CTRL” button on your keyboard and click on each vehicle to highlight the ones you want actively registered to your permit. Once all the vehicles that you want registered are highlighted in red, click the “Next/Save” button. On the next page, it will say “Permit & Vehicle Information”. Under that header, you will see “license plate”. Make sure that it has all the license plates listed next to it that you want registered to your permit. If all the plates are there, continue filling out the form to complete permit purchase. If the plates are not all there, click the “back” button to go back and re select the vehicles. NOTE: Although you can have multiple vehicles registered to your permit, you may only have ONE of those vehicles parked on campus at a time. If multiple vehicles registered to the same virtual permit are parked on campus at the same time, you could receive a parking citation for “fraudulent use of a permit”.

What are the different colored dots in parking spaces?

The parking lots will all have entrance signs stating the parking zone type: Faculty/Staff, Student Commuter, Student Resident, and Meter Guest Parking.  Some parking lots allow for multiple permit zone types, so the parking spaces will each have one or more colored dots painted in them, which correspond with what virtual permit types are permitted to park. Yellow dots represent faculty/staff parking, Green dots represent student commuter parking, Red dots represent student resident parking, and white dots represent metered permit guest parking.

Why do I want to buy a permit?

A full year permit is a great value in time and cost savings. Permits eliminate the need to pay at the parking meters every day. Annual Permits cost $140 for students, and $150 for faculty/staff. We now also offer single term virtual permits for students and faculty/staff for $50 a term.

I purchased a permit but am driving a loaner car, what do I do?

You can log into the NuPark Portal and update the vehicle license plate that you will be driving temporarily. Once you have your original vehicle back, you can log back in and update that vehicle back to your virtual permit. If you do this, please MAKE SURE to delete the loaner/rental car from your account after you no longer have it. If you forget to do this step, you could be responsible for future citations that car might receive. If you no longer own a vehicle plate that is attached to your account, make sure you remove it so it is no longer associated with you.

The close parking lots are all full, now what?

Purchasing a virtual permit does not guarantee you a parking space. Because space is limited, parking spots are first come first serve. Many parking lots often full up during peak hours. However, parking is usually available a little further out in lots: 12, 30, 34, 36 & 41.

I have a DMV issued disabled placard, why do I need to purchase a permit?

All vehicles parking on campus are required to purchase a virtual permit or pay at one of the parking meters. If you have a valid DMV placard issued by the state, you may park in any of the student commuter, student resident, and faculty/staff lots with any valid virtual permit or meter receipt. Just make sure your disabled placard is visible for our enforcement officers to see.

I received a parking citation. Now what?

You may pay your parking citation online through the NuPark portal. You have 15 calendar days to file an appeal or pay the citation. After 15 days, the fine will be charged to your SOU account. If you do not have an SOU account, the citation will be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle, and may accrue interest as well as additional DMV research fees.

How do I appeal my citation?

You have fifteen calendar days to appeal a citation. To do so, log into the NuPark portal and click on your outstanding citations. Once you find the citation, click the “appeal this citation” link. Late appeals will not be accepted. You will not be able to appeal a citation if it has already been paid.

What happens if I have multiple unpaid parking citations?

Outstanding and Unpaid Parking Fines

(1) Vehicles parked on campus with three or more outstanding parking citations may be booted or towed at the owner's expense.

(2) In order to identify the owner of vehicles with outstanding parking fines, the parking department will run the license plate through the DMV for the registered owner information. Outstanding fines will then be billed to the registered owner provided by the DMV. A DMV research fee of $10 will be added to the original outstanding fine amount.

(3) The right to purchase a permit or register for classes may be denied if any fines owing under these regulations remain unpaid.

(4) Vehicle owners who fail to pay their outstanding fines may be subjected to University collection policies and practices of up to and including assignment to an outside collection agency.

(5) Faculty/Staff outstanding citations will not be rolled over to their SOU account. Faculty/Staff must pay for their parking citations via SOU Parking.

(6) A faculty or staff member who fails to pay the University for any outstanding parking fines may have the fine deducted from his/her payroll check 30 days after written notice of the outstanding fines.

(7) Any University personnel or students may contact Parking Services to transfer responsibility for citations received by their guests to themselves. This in no way implies the fine will be suspended, only that the guest will not be billed or pursued to pay the fine. The University personnel or students will be responsible and have all avenues of appeal available as if the citation were issued to them personally.

I put money in the meter and it didn’t give me a ticket, now what?

Instructions are posted on the new parking meters. To report any mechanical malfunctions, please call: (541) 552-6666. In your message please state the lot number that you are in, and the vehicle license plate that you are driving.

Where can I park my motorcycle or scooter?

Motorcycles and scooters can share the signed “motorcycle parking only” spaces in any posted lot. As long as you have a valid virtual permit registered to the motorcycle license plate, you may also park it in any regular parking space as long as it is a zone that your virtual permit is permitted to park in.

Is there somewhere I can park my Electric Vehicle?

There are charging stations in lot 8 and lot 27. The time limit is four hours maximum. You must have a valid virtual permit or meter receipt for your electric vehicle to park in these spaces and use the charging spaces. All vehicles parked in EV spaces must be plugged in and charging at the station.

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