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All vehicles parked on Southern Oregon University campus are required to display a valid SOU annual permit when the posted signs require a permit. (Click Here to view OARs). Vehicles that fail to display a valid permit may be subject to a citation. Permits may be purchased online via parking selve service.

Parking lots are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Parking lot numbers are marked on the lot entrance signs. Faculty/Staff parking lots are posted yellow; Student Commuter lots are posted green; and Resident Student lots are posted red. The 2016 campus map shows the numbers, locations, and permit types required for each lot. Free parking maps are available at the campus map stations in lots 18, 29, & 32 as well as at the Campus Public Safety Office, located at 382 Wightman Street. 

Please Note: Parking permits are registered to vehicles, not inviduals. For example, just becuase someone purchases a permit for one vehicle, he or she is not then permitted to park any other vehicle on campus as well. 

To view the 2016 parking map, click here.

Parking Permits are purchased online. You can do so via MySOU by selecting the Parking Self-Service link. The new permits will be valid starting now until the end of summer term 2017, as long as the permit is affixed on the vehicle or the temporary permit is visible on the dashboard.

Parking is first come first serve, buying a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

(Note about ordering permits: If you are having trouble logging on with your pin, make sure that you are selecting the Fall 2015 term. If you are still having trouble getting in, call the IT help desk to reset your pin. IT Help desk: 541-552-6900)

After ordering your permit, they may be picked up in the Enrollment Services after 10 am the next business day.  Alternatively, you may elect to have your permit mailed to you. 

Carpool permits may be ordered online however, to add a vehicle to a carpool permit, please complete the Add Hang Tag/Carpool Vehicle Form.

Persons with disability placards are still required to purchase a parking permit to park on campus. 

If you are not currently an SOU student or faculty/staff but are interested in purchasing a parking permit, please email parking@sou.edu to learn about your options.

Permit Types and Prices:

Student Commuters- $140

Fall term through summer term: $140. (For first registered vehicle).

Student Commuter parking permits are Green decal stickers, and are sold only to students who live off campus and wish to bring their vehicles on campus. Vehicles displaying Student Commuter permits are permitted to park in Student Commuter (green) marked parking lots.

Student Residents- $140

Fall term through summer term: $140. (For first registered vehicle).

Residence Hall parking permits are Red decal stickers, and are sold only to students living on campus in residence halls. Vehicles displaying a Residence Hall permit are permitted to park only in Residence Hall (red) marked parking lots.

Faculty and Staff Permits- $150

For first registered vehicle:

Fall term through summer term: $150.
Faculty/Staff parking permits will be sold to classified employees, graduate assistants, temporary employees who are half-time or more, and faculty. Half-time employees will receive a discount relative to their .fte. Bring a copy of your acceptance letter outlining your .fte to the Enrollment Services Center to obtain discount. Vehicles displaying Faculty/Staff permits are authorized to park in designated Faculty/Staff (yellow), Student Commuter (green), and Residence Hall (red) parking areas.

Faculty/Staff Hang Tags- $430 (for 3 years)

Valid for up to three years, hangtag permits are available for faculty and staff only. For more information, Click Here.

Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Permits- $57

Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters, shared space marked "motor cycle only": Fall term through summer term: $57.    (See an ESC representative at Britt Hall counter for optional Full space parking)

Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles must be parked in parking spaces designated and posted for "Motorcycles Only." Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles parked in bicycle racks and on the campus grounds will be cited for improper parking. Vehicles parked inside university buildings will be towed at the owner's expense.

Carpool Permits- $135

Carpool, sold for entire school year only: $135 each pool.

Carpool parking permits will be sold for entire school year only if the carpool meets the following criteria:
(a) The carpool must contain at least two individuals with cars, but no more than six.
(b) No more than one vehicle from the carpool is allowed on campus at a particular time. No second permits will be sold. However, replacement permits are available if requirements as stated in regulations for replacement permits are met.

Commercial Permits- Price Varies

Please contact parking services for details on obtaining a commercial permit.

Commercial permits will be sold to commercial vendors, including vending machine, video game, outside maintenance, travel, office supply, and food vendor companies, and contractors' employees. 

Parking Meter Permits- Price Varies

We now have visitor parking meters located in lots: 1, 3, 12, 29, 36 and 37. These meters all accept coins and credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard). The only parking meter on campus that does not take cards, only coin and cash, is located in the atheletics parking lot #41.

The new meter payment rates are as follows:

$0.50 - 30 Minutes

$0.75 - 45 Minutes

$1.00 - 60 Minutes

$10.00 - 24 Hour permit

$20.00 - 3 Day permit

$30.00 - 7 Day permit

During business hours, meter permits are valid in any parking lot that has a parking meter. After hours (6 am-6 pm) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday), valid meter permits are permitted to park in yellow, green, and red/green posted parking lots.

Vehicles that fail to display a valid meter ticket upright on their dashboard may be subject to receiving a $30 parking citation.


Courtesy Permits- $0

Courtesy permit: Free

Courtesy parking permits are available to personnel retiring with ten years of service or more, volunteer board members, designated governmental officials, media representatives, and such others as deemed necessary by the President to facilitate their interaction with the institution.

Second Vehicle Permits- $49

Second Vehicle permit: $49.

Second parking permits may be purchased for an additional vehicle if more than one vehicle will be brought to campus except Red Residence Hall. The purchaser must also be the registered owner of the vehicle. Only one permit (the original or second permit) is valid on permit-required lots at a time. If both first and second permits of one person are parked in permit-required lots at the same time, both vehicles will be cited for improper permits. A second permit may not be purchased for a car if the first permit is for a vehicle used in a (Red) Residence Hall Parking area, motorcycle, moped, or scooter.

NOTE: The second permit is for the convenience of those persons who may be driving a different vehicle from time to time. Only one permit (the original or second permit) is valid on campus permit-required lots at a time. Violation of this rule will result in both vehicles being cited for improper permit. Second permits will be sold only to Faculty/Staff and Commuter permit holders. One second permit is allowed for each full-price (first registered vehicle) permit purchased.

Volunteer Permits- $0

Volunteer permits- No charge

Volunteer permits are issued to individuals as a code that is entered at one of the parking meters on campus. In order to obtain a code for a volunteer, please email parking@sou.edu.

Volunteer permits are NOT for use by faculty/staff or students

Replacement Permits- $30

Replacement Permit or Hang Tag: $30.

Replacement permits or Hang Tag may be obtained for a new ehicle. The replacement vehicle must be registered to the same owner as the original vehicle. The permit which is being replaced will be considered void and should be returned to the Enrollment Services Center, Britt Hall in order to recieve a replacement permit.

      Parking permits are serialized for use on a specific vehicle with a license plate designated by the purchaser at the time of purchase. The permit must be affixed outside to left-rear bumper, left-rear body, left-rear window, or rear side window behind driver of the vehicle where visible. The adhesive on the back of the permit must be the attaching mechanism. If a vehicle is disposed of, the permit must be removed and returned to Parking Services.

      NOTE: Persons, departments, or schools sponsoring university-hosted events must contact Event Parking Services to arrange for parking and fee payment as appropriate. 

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