Advocacy. Education. Community. 

The SOU Social Justice and Equity Center is rooted in the framework of intersectionality and exists to provide advocacy, education, and community building that centers the needs of students of color, queer and trans students, women and femmes, and sustains a supportive community space for all students. The SJEC provides education, services, programs, and outreach to support student success and increase graduation rates of students at Southern Oregon University.

Take a virtual tour of some of the spaces of the Social Justice and Equity Center and Multicultural Commons below:


Location Changes and Updates: 

In mid-August 2019, the SOU Resource Centers moved to new locations. Four of the Centers previously located on the first floor moved to the third floor of the Stevenson Union (SU). 

Student leaders and professional staff members worked together during this significant transition time. We invite you to engage with us, be part of the team working to ensure that our collaborations are student-centered, and share your voices and opinions. Contact Equity Coordinator for Racial Justice, Marvin Woodard, to be part of this integral process by emailing him directly at:  

Background on the Social Justice and Equity Center: 

Before the moves occurred in 2019, students and professional staff members who were part of the Stevenson Union Steering Committee, student government, and Student Life gathered to envision what the shared space might look like. Meetings continued to imagine ways to create lively shared, collaborative, interactive engagements while expanding the work of creating equity and access to our campuses and online presences.

Click here to access a timeline of the events and see who has been involved with the process. 

The department of Student Life reorganized in September of 2020. The result is that we have several professional and student staff members leading our engagement and support efforts that align to our mission to increase equity and access. The Assistant Director for Equity and Access, Alex Sylvester (she/her pronouns), works with our Equity Coordinators to best meet the needs of our students.

Meet our Equity Coordinators:

Marvin Woodard (he/him pronouns), Equity Coordinator for Racial Justice: 

Jill Smedstad (she/her pronouns), Equity Coordinator for Sustainability and Basic Needs Resources:

Shemaina Maeve (they/she/he pronouns), Equity Coordinator for Gender and Sexuality Justice:

Jesse Watson (he/him pronouns), Equity Coordinator for Veterans and Military Family Members:

To offer feedback or to get directly involved with the planning group: 

Contact Equity Coordinator for Racial Justice Marvin Woodard at:, 541-552-8791 or contact Assistant Director, Alex Sylvester at: