Office: Salida, Colorado
Phone: (719) 221-6550


Ph.D., 1995, University of Oregon
Teacher Ed Program, 1992, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
MBA, 1975, University of Colorado
BS, 1972, Colorado State University
1994, Oregon Elementary Education Certificate
1992, Colorado Elementary Education Certificate
1980, CPA awarded


BA 320   Business, Government and Nonprofits
BA 427   Business Policy and Strategy
BA 450   Using GIS in Business
BA 475   Organizational Behavior
BA 499   Business Planning
MBA 575 / MM 540   Organizational Theory and Implementation / Making Strategy Work

Professor Dr. Andy Dungan joined the faculty at SOU in the Fall of 2001. In 2012, Dr. Dungan moved to Salida, Colorado to begin phased retirement, where he will be teaching online courses for SOU. Primarily a teacher in the management area, he has taught a wide variety of courses. Courses taught include Business Policy, Using GIS in Business, Business Planning, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory and Strategy Implementation, Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, and Finance. Dr. Dungan joins us after 20 years in industry followed by a short career as an elementary teacher. His industry experience includes consulting and acting as VP of Finance in a number of different industries including airlines, oil and gas, banking, and public accounting. Since completing his Ph.D. in Management and Policy at the University of Oregon in 1995 he has worked in higher education.

Research interests focus on teaching and learning. He has conducted research to evaluate the impacts of using self-evaluation in the classroom. The balance of power in the classroom is a primary interest. How do professors share the power with students in a way that empowers them and recognizes the professor's responsibility to further a student's knowledge and learning? Action research, where participants (or research subjects) become an active part of the process is a research method Dr. Dungan wishes to use more. Other research interests include leadership and organizational development. Dr. Dungan's greatest challenge and joy is pushing students out of their comfort zone so they learn in ways they cannot anticipate. He is firmly committed to experiential learning models and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Management of nonprofit institutions is an interest. At his previous institution Dungan implemented a program connected with a national organization that certifies students in nonprofit management and was the primary catalyst for implementation of the same program at SOU. The students certified are not typical business students, but rather are students in different disciplines (social science, arts, physical education) that wish to expand their skills to help with operation of the nonprofit institutions in which they work. This helps nonprofits find better qualified employees and helps students be more effective in their job search.

More recently, Dungan's challenges have included making GIS (Geographic Information Systems) available to business students for research purposes. GIS systems include a wealth of demographic, consumer spending, buying preference and other information. So many decisions in business are location-based that using GIS to facilitate decision making really becomes a requirement. This course evolved out of Dr. Dungan's interest in maps for use outdoors and his long-time involvement with business decision making.

Andy's love of the outdoors brought him to Ashland and then to Colorado, his real home. He has trekked in the Himalayas, bicycled thousands of miles, climbed numerous mountains including Denali, Rainer, and a variety of peaks in the Rockies. He has ridden 750 miles with packs on the mountain bike trail along the Continental Divide in Wyoming and Colorado and one summer he rode 2200 miles with packs on a tandem from Yellowstone to Banff, Canada and back. He was a member of the Crater Lake Backcountry Ski Patrol and loves to telemark ski as well.