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MM 512 - Budget and Finance (3 credits)

Familiarizes managers with the role of budgeting and the budgeting process in diverse organizations. Participants develop an appreciation for both the theory and application of financial practices to aid in their fiscal decision-making. It is recommended that participants have an understanding of basic accounting concepts prior to enrolling in this course.

MM 513 - Strategic Management (3 credits)

Introduces participants to advanced strategic management concepts in successful organizations, including the emerging field of sustainability and its influence on organizational strategy and leadership. Participants develop an understanding of how to use strategic management tools to initiate and implement problem-solving processes in dynamic and diverse environments. An in-depth case analysis allows participants to demonstrate their understanding of key strategic management principles.

MM 514 - Practical Research, Analysis, and Decision Making (3 credits)

Examines the relationship between practice and research in organizational decision-making. Participants acquire the skills and understanding necessary to critically review and competently interpret research findings in a decision-making context. Prerequisites:Successful completion of at least 15 hours of core coursework.

MM 515 - Management Information Systems (3 credits)

This course provides a broad overview of contemporary Management Information Systems (MIS) in organizations. It describes the diverse technical, managerial and professional knowledge of an MIS manager at a level appropriate for a non-MIS manager. The emphasis is on both the data component of information systems, and the management behavior, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage an organization employing MIS. Also introduces current trends and drivers, including emerging technologies that affect the present and future of information systems.

MM 516 - Organizational Leadership and Communication (3 credits)

This course surveys the theoretical frameworks, empirical literature, and requisite skills associated with effective organizational leadership and communication. It examines questions of bureaucracy, culture, power, reciprocal influence, employee involvement, and other central issues from an organizational and communicative perspective.

MM 517 - The Human Resource Environment (3 credits)

Focuses on critical issues and strategic questions managers need to understand in order to manage employees effectively. Emphasizes applied skills relevant to managing employees including recruitment, selection, compensation, evaluation, and employee development.

MM 518 - Marketing for Public and Private Organizations (3 credits)

Details the planning and implementation of marketing activities, marketing research and effective evaluation of marketing strategies. Participants develop an understanding of what is required to succeed and to achieve a competitive advantage within a framework of ethical marketing practices.

MM 519 - Legal Issues in Management (3 credits)

This course is designed to acquaint the manager with basic legal concepts in the field of liability, including personal injury, malpractice, product liability, and the available defenses. Participants are introduced to the ways contracts are formed, including their development, problems, and pitfalls. An introduction to basic employment law and concepts covers the fundamentals defining wrongful termination and the practical ways employers can protect themselves. Presents an overview of arbitration and alternative conflict resolution. 

MM 598 - Capstone Project (3 credits)

The capstone project is a means of confirming comprehensive management competency in an applied setting. Participants implement projects consistent with their career interests and objectives that will demonstrate their mastery of skills acquired from the program’s core course offerings. Project proposals are developed through the Research course (MM 514). An oral presentation and a written report of results are required to complete the project. Prerequisite: MM 514 or permission of capstone instructor. (Capstone Guidelines & Agreement Form)

Elective Opportunities

Participants are encouraged to seek out elective courses which complement their career and professional interests. Syllabi are posted here as they become available for courses which might be of particular interest to MiM participants.

Case Studies in Corporate Sustainability

Essentials of Business Writing

Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

Fundamentals of Project Management

Giving Effective Feedback

The Leader as Coach

Mastering Grammar and Style

Mediation and Conflict Management

Negotiating to Win

Nonprofit Grant Writing and Government Relations

Nonprofit Volunteerism, Board Development and Community Mobilization

Organizational Coaching

Persuasive Business Writing

Presentation Skills for Professionals

Sustainable Organizational Leadership

Working with Emotional Intelligence