Margie McNabb, MM

Course Overview

This course examines how coaching skills and techniques can strengthen intrinsic motivation in self and others to identify and reach goals. Students will learn how to reach successful outcomes through personal and professional application of these techniques using both theory and experiential learning methods. Students will be encouraged to develop newly learned skills through exercises which incorporate real-life leadership situations. Coursework includes reading selected material, reflective writing, discussions, practice, and role play.

Course Objectives

  1. Understanding of the coaching process and its methodology
  2. Enhancement of leadership skills through the use of coaching techniques
  3. Creation of a Resource Tool Kit of coaching techniques for personal and professional growth
  4. Ability to apply coaching techniques in both personal and professional arenas

Course Methodology

Classroom sessions will be supplemented extensively by activities conducted on a course Blackboard site. Consistent, high-quality participation in class and online will be required throughout the term. Articles, relevant chapters from coaching and leadership literature and websites will be posted to read and discuss in groups via Blackboard or in class sessions. In-class work will include lecture, individual and group activities, brain development information, and coaching presentations. Students will also gain a basic understanding of their Myers-Briggs type personality indicator and their learning styles. This information will be applied in the coaching process and will all contribute to the Coaching Tool Kit.

The course will begin by creating a shared understanding of what coaching is and how it can be applied to reach personal and professional goals. We will review leadership principles that promote effective coaching, study the components of the coaching process, and apply coaching methodology using real life scenarios. In order to fully comprehend the power of coaching and how effective these techniques can be for growth as leaders, scenarios will include personal and professional events.

Effective coaching always begins from the inside out, so self-exploration and sharing “aha’s” will be expected in this course. Through journaling, asking powerful questions, and understanding both emotional and social intelligences, the leader as coach will emerge.