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Edgar Alvarado-Perez (Spring 01 - Fall 01)
Edgar comes to us from Guanajuato, Mexico. He received his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Guanajuato in 1997. Prior to entering the MiM program, Edgar was the treasurer for the city of Yuriria in the state of Guanajuato. Edgar sought to improve his administrative skills particularly in personnel management. Having completed the program, he intends to return to government service.

Cathy Barkee (Fall 99 - Spring 01)
While participating in the MiM program, Cathy directed student activities at OIT where she had been a member of the staff since 1993. She earned a BS degree in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 1985. She has relocated to Washington state, but hopes to advance in the field of higher education, serving as a positive role model for students.

Mary Anne Barrie (Fall 02 - Winter 04)
Mary has been the director of performance improvement at Asante Health System in Medford since 1997. She is responsible for managing system-wide activities related to risk management, infection control, accreditation, patient satisfaction, and other performance-related fields. She has worked in quality and safety departments in medical settings since 1989. Mary Anne served as a staff nurse at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital for 10 years prior to moving into quality management. She completed an AA in nursing in 1971 at the University of Phoenix and earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration at Southern Oregon University in June 2002.

Richard Beaudoin (Fall 98 - Spring 01)
Richard is an Internet marketing analyst at Bear Creek Corporation. His work involves planning, forecasting and analyzing results of marketing campaigns for all of the company's retail divisions. Prior to this position, he served as sales and marketing manager for United Bicycle Parts in Ashland, a job for which he relocated from Wisconsin, where he worked for Trek Corporation.

James Beers (Fall 98 - Winter 00)
Jim was the Director of Continuing Care at Providence Medical Center in Medford. He was a seasoned professional who chose the MiM program to expand his skills in an effort to keep ahead of the turbulent changes in health care. His death to kidney disease in 2002 was a great loss to many.

Robert Begg (Fall 99 - Fall 01)
Robert is currently working at Asante Health System as Manager of Human Resources. He began the MiM program in Klamath Falls where he served as the Risk Manager for Merle West Medical Center. His background includes stints with a mid-sized automotive parts manufacturer, an infant formula manufacturer and service as an administrator of a medical practice. He looked to the MiM program to improve his qualifications for career advancement and found that the information presented in MiM course work has enhanced his ability to improve his workplace. 

Amy Belkin (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Amy is a self-employed writer, video producer and communications coach. She earned a BA in Journalism from California State University, Northridge in 1980 and joined the staff of KOBI-TV in 1983. After serving as news anchor, producer and reporter for four years, she was promoted to news director. She struck out on her own in 1996. She has seen the MiM program as a way to "take her experience to the next level."

Kent Blevins (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Kent teaches in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at OIT and serves as a clinical coordinator. Prior to moving to Klamath Falls, he worked in Nevada, marketing services for Cardio Vision, Inc. and as a lead ultrasound technician. Having attended high school in Belgium and Holland, he is appreciative of diversity in his environment. He feels that the diversity of the MiM program will expand his potential and enhance his teaching.

Barry Bowman (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Barry is the Director of Internet Operations for Lithia Automotive, a position he has held since December 1997. He was formerly Traffic Manager for Todd AO/Editworks in Atlanta for four years and managed a nutrition center prior to that. His long-term goal is to teach at the university level and to write on the psychology of management.

Adam Briggs (Fall 01- Spring 03)
Adam completed a BA in Spanish at Southern Oregon State College in 1993. He spent the final year of his bachelors program at SOU's sister college in Mexico, the University of Guanajuato. Adam has worked extensively in the field of tourism and outdoor recreation. He was employed by Mesa Airlines in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2000, following a year of working as an outdoor activities guide for Molokai Ranch in Hawaii. He has served as a coach for the Medford Ski Foundation since 1995. He wishes to enhance his professional skills in managing nonprofit organizations through participation in the MiM program.

Kathryn Brooks (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Kathryn is a part-time instructor at Rogue Community College. She teaches computer science and business technology. She pursued this degree in preparation for eventual full-time teaching.

Pamela Buckley (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Pamela is currently employed as an office assistant for the City of Grants Pass. She has also served as resource development/administrative assistant for Family Friends, a local nonprofit agency, and assistant creative director for a newspaper. Her goal is to own a publishing house and produce special interest publications for personal enrichment.

Anita Caster (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Anita is currently the office manager for the vice president of Student Affairs at SOU. Her work for the school has included serving as the manager of the Housing Office. She is a member of the Rogue Valley Chorale and appeared with them at Carnegie Hall in May, 2000. She aspires to arts management, to which she has been drawn through her volunteer work with the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater and the Britt Festival.

Amelia Chamberlain (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Amelia worked for the Southern Oregon Historical Society from 1990-2003; the last 8 years as programs director. In February 2004, she started work as Museum Director at Willowbrook Museum Village in Newfield, Maine. Amelia enrolled in the MiM program in order to go beyond on-the-job training in leadership and management and for the opportunity of networking with other professionals.

Kelli Charbonneau (Spring 00 - Winter 02)
Kelli graduated from SOU in 1988 with a BS in Business. She currently is a practice administrator for Oregon Surgical Specialists. Kelli wishes to fine-tune her management skills, broaden her perspective from a decision-making basis, and increase her knowledge in the area of management. Kelli also enrolled in elective courses offered by OSU to enhance her MiM experience.

Christopher Chase (Fall 01- Spring 03)
Chris is the log buyer and certification manager for Timber Products Company. He graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Forestry in 1997. Chris has done a variety of forestry work for four different California lumber companies and is a Registered Professional Forester. Chris has recently been asked to assist in the management of Timber Products Company's Medford Plywood Division and he hopes that an MM degree will continue to open up new opportunities for him in the wood products industry.

Christine Choppelas (Fall 01- Spring 03)
Christine’s professional background is grounded in accounting software systems, first as a technical support specialist and then as a regional sales manager. She received a BA in Communication with a minor in English from Santa Clara University in 1991. Christine sees the MiM degree as the way to reach another level of opportunity in her career.

David Cook (Fall 99 - Fall 00)
Dave received his BS in Criminology from Southern Oregon University in 1983. He is currently the director of Medical Operations and Human Resources at Mercy Flights. David aspires to serve as the CEO of a large urban ambulance service.

Fenna Corry (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Fenna serves as the manager of sales and service at Cell Tech in Klamath Falls. In addition to managing the sales and service departments, she also is a member of the executive management team which sets policies and conducts strategic planning for the company. She credits 20 years of teaching experience for developing good organizational and troubleshooting skills, and found that the MiM program offered the opportunity to become a more effective manager.

JoeMae Cox (Fall 99 - Winter 02)
Jo works for the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls where she is currently the coordinator of the OIT Title III Project. Previously, she has served as an assistant registrar, as a recruitment manager in the OIT Career Service office, and as the office/database manager in the Office of Institutional Advancement. JO worked ten years for Klamath County government where her final position was board assistant to the county commissioners. She hopes to advance in the public sector, either in government or in higher education.

Patrick "Nick" Crosby (Fall 00 - Fall 01)
Nick Crosby earned a BA in General Studies in 1989 from Washington State University in Pullman. He joined the Army and has been posted overseas in Germany and Macedonia. For the last five years, he has been stationed on Oahu and has served as the company commander since 1997. Nick sees this program as assisting him in a future transition to the civilian workforce.

Claire Cross (Fall 98 - Winter 2001)
Claire is the assistant director of SOU's Summer Session and has worked in Extended Campus Programs since 1987. She has a BS in Biology and a strong interest in environmental education. She wants to increase her skills in management and human resources to enable her to further a career in administering educational programs.

Dave Danforth (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Dave started his college journeys at Southern Oregon State College in 1974. Since then he has earned a degree in Accounting and a BS in Industrial Management. With side excursions into real estate and accounting, he has spent most of his career as a member of the management team of a multi-state timber and sawmill corporation. Dave earned his MM degree to find "fresh tools" to apply to new directions in his professional life.

Linda Davenport (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Linda wears a couple of professional hats: she serves as an occupational mentor at The Work Connection at Klamath Lake Employment Training Institute and is also the co-owner of an auto-glass repair company. She completed accounting courses at OIT prior to transferring to SOU, where she completed a BS degree in Business in 1990. Working with others to achieve their career potential, she has seen the MiM program as the ideal way for reaching her own potential.

Jeff DeLong (Fall 00- Spring 03)
Jeff completed an AA in General Studies and a BS degree in Applied Psychology in June, 2000 at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls. He is the owner and creator of C-ya Greeting Cards, a web-based company. He hopes to teach at the college level and sees the MM degree as a way to realize that dream.

Radovan Dluhy-Smith (Fall 04 - Spring 06)
Radovan is a native of the Czech Republic whose career has taken him to Mexico and Ecuador on the way to Ashland. While in the MiM program, he coached for Southern Oregon Fuego, a local soccer club. In 1997, he earned a bachelors degree in Global Economics and Environmental Studies at the University of California-Santa Cruz. He has been involved in several international nonprofit organizations and ran a language agency that offered instruction and translation services from 1998 to 2003. In 1997, Radovan spent six months managing a reforestation project in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. His goal is to further develop his skills in communication, negotiation and problem-solving so that he can contribute to building a sustainable global society. Since graduation, Radovan has relocated to Olomouc, the Czech Republic, where he teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Palackeho University.

Deborah Drost (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Deborah is assistant to the Vice President for Finance at SOU, and has served in that capacity since 1995. Her goals are related to acquiring and developing skills that will help her grow in her present job and in her service to the university.

Elena Efunia (Fall 04 - Fall 05)
Elena is committed to contributing to improved quality of life in her homeland of Kyrgyzstan. She earned a bachelors degree in Economics from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in 2001 where she was a member of the national volleyball team for four years. She completed a second bachelors in management at SOU in 2002. Elena has worked in the banking industry in southern Oregon at Klamath First Federal and Sterling Savings Bank. Currently, she works part-time for Rogue Federal Credit Union.

Leonel Estrada (Spring 00 - Spring 01)
Leonel earned a degree in Accounting at the University of Guanajuato in 1997. He has worked in tax departments for the Mexican government, primarily with small and medium-sized companies. Leonel would like to work as a consultant to these kinds of firms and sees the MiM program as an important step toward that goal.

Norman Etling (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Norm earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron in 1982. He worked for Ohio Edison from 1983 to 1991 and has worked for Pacificorp since 1993. Norm served as a project manager for Pacific Power in Portland for five years, overseeing engineering and construction projects in six western states. He has worked in the Medford area as a hydro engineer since 1998. He looks forward to the knowledge he will gain by working in the MiM program with professionals from other fields.

Judith Evensizer (Winter 99 - Spring 01)
Judy graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls with a degree in Industrial Management. She is now working as an office administrator for the Carriage Works in Klamath Falls, a family business, where she is responsible for accounting, payroll, budgeting, personnel management and marketing. Through the MiM program, Judy would like to hone her skills, especially in the area of strategic planning.

Donella Evoniuk (Winter 02 - Winter 04)
Donella has an extensive background in event management. She has served as the director of conference services for the International Society for Technology in Education since 1998. She began her involvement with ISTE in 1992 while working as an advertising and publication designer. She manages national conferences that draw more than 13,000 attendees. Donella earned a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising at the University of Oregon in 1991. Through the MiM program, she hopes to "expand the value of what she can bring to her community as a leader, as a volunteer, and as a citizen."

Renee Ferguson (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Renee has a BS in Industrial Management from OIT. She is currently the Dean of Administrative Services at Klamath Community College. Renee’s responsibilities include fiscal operations, human resources, safety, financial aid, and facilities. Renee plans to employ the new tools that she has acquired from the MiM program in becoming a more effective manager.

Chris Fiuren (Spring 00 - Spring 02)
Chris received her BS from OIT in 1990 and worked for a small software company for six years in a variety of roles. She is currently the business manager for OSHU School of Nursing at SOU. Chris feels that the MiM program will continue her lifelong educational goals as well as create a greater opportunity for advancement for the next step in her career.

Robert Fletcher (Fall 99 - Winter 01)
Bob attended California State University, Chico, where he obtained a degree in English. He is currently serving as a contract manager for The Job Council in Medford. Bob has also served the agency as an administrative analyst and operations manager. Prior to moving to the area, he spent four years as public affairs manager for Nike being responsible for a $5 million corporate contributions budget. His ultimate goal is to work for a private grant-making foundation.

Steven Fordice (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Steve has had a long career with the Oregon State Police. He is presently lieutenant/administrator. He is a 1988 SOU grad. He plans to retire from the state police and pursue a second career in 2001. He has not yet decided what that career will be.

Carol Fordice (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Carol serves as the Director of Student Activities at SOU. She joined the department as assistant director in 1988 and served the University in other capacities before that. She is very specific in her goal: to become Stevenson Union Director.

Deena Gilbert (Winter 03 - Winter 04)
Deena Gilbert completed a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut in 1980. Since that time she has worked in the field of Human Resources. Her career has taken her all over the United States, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Temecula, California. Deena believes that the MiM Program has rejuvenated her management spirit, while bringing her job skills to the next level.

Margaret Godwyn (Fall 01 - Spring 04)
Margie is a registered dietitian who has worked in health care facilities around the Rogue Valley for many years. She served as the director of dietary services at Ashland Community Hospital from 1988 until 1995. She earned a BS in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1975. Margie is currently serving as a consultant to a number of clients, including Pathway Enterprises, local operators of residential homes for the developmentally disabled. She feels that the MiM program will provide the training she needs to establish herself in a financial management position.

Suzanne Gordon (Fall 99 - Fall 01)
Suzanne received her BA from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has made her career working with the developmentally disabled and is currently working in that field for Josephine County. Suzanne feels that her Master in Management degree will allow her to further her career and eventually reach her long term goals.

Eric Guyer (Fall 99 - Winter 01)
Eric has a BA from the University of Oregon. While in the program, Eric worked for Jackson County Health and Human Services, serving as the community outreach director. Since his graduation, he has been selected to serve as the director of the local Youth Authority program. Eric enjoys working with the community and, as a long term goal, would like to work "in an environment where service providers and consumers can work together to fight abuse, addiction, and poverty."

Stephen Hauck (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Steve has been involved in civic and nonprofit organizations in the Rogue Valley for many years. He worked for CERVS from 1989 until 1998, ultimately serving as the social service agency's assistant executive director. He worked as a political consultant from 1978 until 1987 in campaigns around the state. Steve completed a BS in Political Science with a minor in Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon in August 2002. He is currently serving as the executive director of the Upper Rogue Community Center. He sees the MiM program as a critical step in obtaining the credentials he needs to achieve his goal of managing a nonprofit organization.

Rob Hegeman (Spring 01-Winter 04)
Rob is currently the JOBS Program Manager in Josephine County for The Job Council. He earned a BS in Recreation Administration from Fresno State in 1991 after completing an AA in Liberal Arts at Taft Junior College in Taft, California. Rob's previous work experience includes serving as the manager of Superior Athletic Club in Medford for seven years prior to joining the Job Council staff in 2000. The MiM degree has added valuable tools to his management and leadership toolbox.

Lisa Hendricks (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Lisa is the business office manager for Community Health Center in Medford, a position she has held since 1989. She participated in the MiM program to strengthen her general management skills in order to better serve the Health Center.

Joe Henner (Fall 00 - Fall 01)
Joe has worked for the Public Safety Department in Grants Pass since 1989 and is currently serving as a Lieutenant/Operations Commander. Prior to joining the Department, he served as a battalion chief for Rural Metro Fire Department. Joe completed a BA in Management through Northwest Christian College in 1996. He feels that the MiM program has provided him with a foundation for involvement in a variety of careers in the future.

Deborah Hofer (Fall 99 - Spring 01)
Deborah obtained her BA in English at the University of California, Irvine. She is currently the office coordinator for SOU’s Schneider Museum of Art. Deborah has clear-cut goals that she wishes to achieve. She feels that the MiM program will help her be proactive in seeing change and in many other areas.

Karen Holt (Fall 00- Spring 03)
Karen serves as the Administrative Director for the Kids Health Connection, a school-based health center program sponsored by the Medford School District, Asante Health Systems, and Providence Medford Medical Center. She is responsible for overseeing the agency's fiscal and grant management, fundraising, public relations, program and board development. Until January 2002, Karen was the Managing Director of Community Resources at Community Works. Karen earned a BA in Management from Northwest Christian College in 1998 and a Child Development Associate Credential from the Bank Street College of Education in 1984. Karen describes her goal as aspiring to be a great leader who can "inspire, empower, teach, and model professional leadership qualities with integrity, dedication, diplomacy, and respect."

Susan Jaeger (Winter 02- Spring 03)
Susan completed a BS in Business with a Marketing major at San Jose State University in 1990. She has served as a volunteer for the Children's Advocacy Center in Medford and is a member of Kiwanis. Susan sees the MiM program as a way to build on her experience with new and exciting academic approaches to solving problems. Susan owns and operates PowerMate Software, LLC and Executive Realty in Rogue River and is a founder of Ideal Performance Coaching, LLP. She and her associates help business managers and executives maximize their potential.

Patricia Jensen (Fall 98 - Fall 99)
Patty has a BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota. While a participant in the MiM program, she was the president of Triad Communications and was responsible for business development, strategic planning, public relations and client management. She sought to improve her executive skills with graduate school experience. She has recently taken on the duties of the Director of Publications for the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

Nadine Jones (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Nadine is a senior accountant at Merle West Medical Center. She has a BS in Business from the University of Puget Sound and is a CPA. She worked for the city of Logan, Utah for four years prior to accepting her current position in 1997. Her career goals include advancing in the field of health care, consulting, and maybe teaching at the community college level.

Rafael Juarez-Soria (Fall 01- Spring 2003)
Rafael studied Mechanical Engineering and Languages at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, completing his degree in 1998. He has worked as a process engineer for Texas Instruments since May, 2000. Rafael’s experience includes working on the manufacturing process for power transformers and equipping wells to supply water in the city of Salamanca. He spent the summer of 1998 working with students from the University of West Virginia on a project sponsored by General Motors. To him, the MiM program offers not only new knowledge, but also the opportunity to learn about other people’s “cultures, ideologies, idiosyncrasies, and methodologies.”

Melody Kamaunu (Spring 04 - Spring 05)
Melody was the first Native Hawaiian to enroll in the MiM program. A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, she earned a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis on management in 1991. Melody undertook this degree hot on the heels of SOU's Masters in Applied Psychology program where she completed a degree in the human services track. In Ashland, she served as the office manager of The Grove, a local youth center, in 2002. Melody was a restaurant manager in Kapaa, Hawaii from 1993-95 and was in the U.S. Air Force Reserves in Honolulu from 1989-97. Her training in the Reserves included logistics management and inventory management. Her goal is to be able to lead, manage and influence people in a positive way.

Jan Kelley (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
While participating in the MiM program, Jan managed the sports and fitness center at Running Y Ranch. She has taken on the management of special projects for the resort as a result of the work she did on her capstone project. Jan has extensive experience in grant writing and working with nonprofit organizations. She earned a BS in Psychology at the University of San Francisco in 1974 and completed an MS in Psychology/Sociology in 1988 at SOU. For Jan, counseling and management are closely linked and she has counted on the MiM program to provide background for future work in management.

Daniel Kelly (Spring 00 - Spring 01)
Dan received his BS in Psychology from SOU in 2000. He served in the Army for four years as a supply NCO and training officer. He served in Korea for a year and a half, coordinating training programs and maintaining an automated supply system. While he participated in the program, Dan was a stay-at-home Dad. He is currently working at the Veterans Administration Domiciliary as a psychology technician and is very interested in the area of industrial psychology. According to Dan, "The MiM program was a spring board into my future and has direct applications to the work I do every day."

Christopher Kilian (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Chris is the manager of a Bank of America banking center in Yreka. He has lived in Northern California since 1997. He served as the general manager of Shasta Ford Mercury for two years before going to work for Bank of America in 1999. Chris majored in Business, receiving an AA degree from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City in 1997 and a BA from Baker College in Flint, Michigan, in 2002. He hopes to have the opportunity to teach business one day.

Heather Klima (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Heather graduated from Southern Oregon University in 1999 with a degree in Art. She is currently the manager for the classified ads department at the Medford Mail Tribune. Prior to her current position, she worked for Lithia Motors and served as the Assistant General Manager at Windmill Inns of America in Medford where she supervised 35 employees in four departments. She hopes to work in art administration some day.

Mahesh Lamsal (Fall 01- Spring 03)
Mahesh works as an administrative officer for the government of Nepal. His educational training includes a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Human Resource Management. His work experience includes a three-year stint with the Ministry of Agriculture where he was involved with cooperatives. Mahesh’s current position includes mediation work with insurgents in remote Western Nepal and leading groups on treks in the Himalayas. Through the MiM program, he hopes to realize his dreams of pursuing an American education for the betterment of his nation.

Patrick LeRoy (Fall 00 - Winter 04)
Pat is a Claims Representative for Farmers Insurance. He earned a BS in Business from SOSC in 1988. Prior to returning to the Rogue Valley in 1992, he worked as a manager for Shell Oil Company for three years, running five company-owned stations in San Bruno, California. Pat aspires to work in upper level management for a "progressive company where creative ideas are sought after, explored, and implemented for the betterment of the company, their employees, and society as a whole."

Martha Lopez-Barcenas (Fall 99 - Spring 01)
Martha obtained her BA at the University of Guanajuato in Business Administration. She is currently the coordinator in the Academic Exchange Department at the University of Guanajuato. Martha plans to use the skills that she learns in the MiM program to enhance her ability to perform her current job and also improve the already high standards at the university.

Scott Lubich (Fall 99 - Fall 01)
Scott obtained BS in Biology at Washington State University. He is presently working as a store manager for Rite Aid. Scott saw the program as a way to explore alternative styles of management in order to expand his knowledge of the subject.

Francisco Luna (Fall 02- Winter 04)
Francisco is the administrative manager for Hospital De La Fe in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. He earned a bachelors degree as a Public Accountant in 1991 and a masters in Fiscal Planning in 1999 from the Universidad de Guanajuato. Francisco has been self-employed as a management consultant since 1998, providing expertise in establishing internal controls and accounting procedures. The MiM program offers him the opportunity to enhance his understanding of management practices, allowing him to serve his future clients and his country with increased skill.

Cheryl Maloney-Lowery (Spring 98- Spring 03)
Cheryl is a registered nurse and clinic manager at Family Physicians Group in Vancouver, WA. Her nursing career began in pediatrics and labor and delivery. She has been a manager in a variety of health care settings for the past 14 years.

Tracey Marquit-Lehman (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Tracey is the Director of Financial Aid at the Oregon Institute of Technology. She earned a degree in Communications from State University of NY at Oswego in 1988. Her community activities include serving on the Klamath County Citizen Review Board and coaching in the Klamath Youth Soccer League.

Laurel Martin (Fall 00 - Winter 04)
Laurel is currently working as a Senior Human Resources Analyst at Asante Health System. Prior to joining the company, she worked as an HR Analyst for Bear Creek Corporation, served as Office Manager for Triad Healthcare Systems in Ashland and managed various dental practices. She completed a BS in Psychology at SOSC in 1995. Laurel aspires to become an HR consultant and sees the MiM program as a major step toward that goal.

Nancy McCaffrey (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Nancy came to us from Roseburg, Oregon with a degree in Medical Dietetics from the University of Chicago. Most recently, she served as Director of Imaging Services at Mercy Medical Center where she oversaw a staff of 13 and an annual operating budget of $690,000. She is currently working for Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene.

Julie McDonald (Spring 99 - Winter 01)
Julie has a BA in Human Services from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota. She is currently the lead intake coordinator for Asante Child Development Services. Julie is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and administrating the early intervention/early childhood special education referral and evaluation process for the Pediatric Assessment Clinic. She plans to use her MM degree to further her career in health care management.

Laurie McGuire (Winter 00 - Spring 03)
Laurie McGuire is an Insurance and Risk Management Consultant from Klamath Falls, Oregon. She obtained her bachelors degree in Management from the University of Phoenix in 1995. She has over 12 years experience in the insurance industry ranging from Claims Representative to Assistant Vice President of Claims at a National Insurance Brokerage Firm. She served in the United States Air force from 1985-89 as an ER medical technician and on the Presidential Medical Team. She was reactivated in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm in support of surgical services. In 2001, she took on what she believes to be the most important position of her career: she became the mother of twin boys. She believes in lifelong learning and feels her MiM degree will enhance her professional skills and expand her options throughout her career.

Wayne McKenzie (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Wayne was part of a "cohort" from United Parcel Service. He is an account executive there, and has served UPS in other capacities since 1981. He feels the MiM degree will make him eligible for corporate level positions with UPS anywhere in the world.

Linda Monize (Fall 00 - Fall 01)
Linda has spent many years working in the field of accounting, for her own trucking business as well as in the construction field. While in the MiM program, she served as a research assistant at Southern Oregon Regional Services Institute (SORSI) in Ashland. She completed two BS degrees at SOU in June of 2000, one in Business Management and the other in Cultural Anthropology. She is embarking on a Ph.D. program in Business Anthropology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Susanna Montalvo (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Susanna earned a degree in Business at the University of Guanajuato in 1988. Her work experience includes sales, accounting and auditing. Most recently, she worked for Banamex, a major bank in Guanajuato, serving as a loan executive with a portfolio of 60 business clients. Susanna experienced the collapse of the peso in December 1994 and describes it as an intense learning opportunity. She looks to advance in international trade, either with business or government.

Craig Morris (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Craig is the Director of Business Services SOU, a position he has held since May 2000. He was promoted following three years of service as business manager of the SOU Physical Plant. He was business operations director for the Rogue Valley YMCA from 1991 to 1997, and was corporate accounting manager for a large international firm in Walnut Creek, California, for three years. He had a 14-year career as West Coast Regional Accounting Manager with Montgomery Ward before that. His short-term goal is to increase his skills in human resources and management information systems. His long-term goal is to make a transition to teaching and consulting on a part-term, semi-retired basis.

Caroline Munywoki (Fall 02 - Winter 04)
Caroline came to the MiM program from Kenya. She earned a Bachelor of Education degree with an emphasis on Fine Art from Kenyatta University in Nairobi in 1997. She taught in the art department of St. Austin's Academy from 1997 until 2001, twice earning honors as teacher of the year, and was promoted to head of the department after her first year at the school. In achieving an advanced degree, Caroline hopes to contribute to her nation's growth in a positive way.

Robert Oman (Fall 99 - Winter 01)
Bob has obtained three BS degrees from SOU in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Bob is pursuing both the MiM degree and a master’s degree in science. He has worked as a chemist for 27 years. He is currently serving as senior development chemist and technology manager for Georgia Pacific Resins. Bob’s career plans are to move into senior management in business development and/or chemical industry operations and he feels the MiM program will aid him in that transition.

Jesus Eduardo Pantoja (Fall 99 - Spring 01)
Eduardo received a BA in International Trade from the University of Guanajuato. He is currently employed by Arthur Andersen Company as an international trade consultant. Eduardo feels that he will be able to further his career in the global market with a master’s degree.

Dan Petersen (Spring 01- Spring 03)
Dan has worked in the fire service since 1979. He has been a Battalion Chief with the Medford Fire Department since 1991. He received a BS in Fire Administration from Western Oregon College and an associate's degree in Fire Science from Rogue Community College. Dan is also a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program from the National Fire Academy in Maryland. In addition to his work at the Fire Department, Dan is an instructor for Rogue Community College in Fire Science and a member of a statewide incident management team for major fire incidents. The Masters in Management program has improved his ability to meet his current obligations and has prepared him for future opportunities.

Sharon Pewtress (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Sharon graduated from Utah State University in 2002 in Pre-Med. Her interests are in international business and healthcare management, though she also has a background in nonprofit organization. Prior to moving to the Rogue Valley, Sharon worked with The Tournament Player's Club at Summerlin as a part-time coordinator for the PGA Tour. While she was in the MiM program, she served as an Admissions Counselor at SOU with an emphasis in minority outreach. Currently, she is working as a manager for Pacific Retirement Services, parent company of the Rogue Valley Manor.

Theresa Radogna-Linquist (Winter 02 - Winter 04)
Teri is a care manager/clinical staff supervisor at Providence Medical Group in Medford. She has been with Providence since 1995. She worked at Childrens Hospital and Health Center in San Diego for ten years prior to moving to the Rogue Valley. Teri earned a BS in Nursing from the University of San Francisco in 1980. She found that this program offered her new skills to assist her in the day-to-day challenges of supervision and provided additional credibility to the role she plays in her work environment.

Horacio Ramos-Aboites (Spring 02- Spring 03)
Horacio earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Guanajuato in July 2001. During his undergraduate education, he had the opportunity to spend a year in Houston, Texas as an intern in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Petroleum Division. He sees the MiM program as providing him with a wider perspective of the application of science to management and exposing him to a broader culture. He is looking forward to gaining a greater appreciation for American culture and his own through the experience of studying in the United States.

Wendy Rich (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Wendy received her degree in Psychology from Southern Oregon University in 1994. While she completed the MiM program, she served as the Clinical/Managing Director for Community Works. Wendy specialized in a newfound interest in accounting for her elective courses. Since graduation, she has been working as a sales tax specialist for Harry and David.

Bart Rodrigues (Fall 02 - Winter 04)
Bart is Director of Mission Ethics, Spiritual Care, Facility Planning, and Engineering and Construction at Providence Health System. He has held this position since 1997. Bart holds two additional graduate degrees - a Master of Divinity (Religious Studies) and an MA in Medical Ethics from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois. Bart seeks to align and link people, strategy, and performance using various approaches in organizational learning and management.

Stephen Roe (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Steve is the General Manager of Roe Motors. He has managed the family business since 1980, first in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and after 1983, in Grants Pass. He compares running an automotive dealership to operating different businesses, due to the number of different departments involved. He looked to the MiM program for an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Evelyn Rosenberg (Fall 01 - Spring 04)
Evie is the director of Family Housing at SOU. During her undergraduate studies at SOU, she worked for the student family housing department developing educational, social and recreational programs. In addition to property management, Evie also has experience in the field of tourism and hospitality management, having worked at Disney World and AAA. She completed a BS in Communications at SOU in 1997.

Robert "Scott" Ruffe (Fall 99 - Fall 01)
Scott is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BS in Botany and Plant Pathology. Scott feels that the MiM program has given him a better understanding of human resource management and legal issues. Most importantly, he is looking forward to the implementation and application of his newly learned skills in the business world.

Joseph Sabeh (Fall 01-Spring 03)
Joe has worked in the temporary staffing industry since 1993. He currently serves as the assistant regional branch manager of Hire Calling in Medford. He was the branch manager for Manpower in San Diego for two years following five years at another San Diego temporary agency, Interim Personnel. Joe completed a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in 1998. He is counting on the MiM program to enhance his professional prospects as well as his personal outlook on life.

Amy Sanpei (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Amy is the computer program coordinator for SOU's Medford Campus, a position she has held since 1995. She has also worked as a technical writer and computer trainer. She has a BA from U.C. Berkeley in Middle East Studies and has lived and studied in Kuwait and Egypt. She wants to advance within SOU and eventually to establish a private consulting practice.

Juan Carlos Santoyo (Fall 00 - Winter 02)
Juan Carlos comes to the program from the city of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico. He completed a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 1999. Juan Carlos served as the production and development manager for a shoe sole factory from 1998 until June of 2000. His work included spreadsheet design to track production financials and organizational development. Juan Carlos has two siblings who have also studied in the United States. For him, the MiM program offered a rare opportunity to learn a different point of view in business management.

Leigh Schutzky (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Leigh has been an employee with Asante Health System since 1996. She is currently a Compensation Analyst in the Asante Human Resources department. Her previous professional experience includes financial analysis, nonprofit fundraising and management. Leigh earned a BS in Finance from California State University, Chico in 1989. She used her graduate studies to benefit her organization while she was in the MiM program, and earning her Masters has rounded out her professional education.

Trish Seiler (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Trish has been a self-employed consultant since 1986. She was elected to the Klamath Falls City Council in November 2000. Working primarily with nonprofit organizations, she has provided assistance in grant writing, board development, strategic planning, research, needs assessments and fundraising. For Trish, the MiM program offered the opportunity to remain current with the best practices in nonprofit management.

Wendy Siporen (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Wendy introduces herself as "an accidental journalist." Prior to serving as a reporter for The Mail Tribune, The Oregonian and the Ashland Daily Tidings, she served as a publications editor for the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues from 1993 to 1995 and she held a fellowship as a Congressional policy analyst for the Women's Research and Education Institute in 1992. She earned a BA in Political Science from Whitman College in 1987. Wendy has seen the MiM program as a way to gain the skills she needs to begin a career in nonprofit management.

Jeff Smith (Fall 00 - Fall 01)
While in the MiM program, Jeff was a Staff Engineer for the Medford Water Commission. Prior to moving to the Rogue Valley, he worked as a project manager for CH2M Hill in Las Vegas. He has returned to work for CH2M Hill and is currently living and working in Sacramento. He completed an AA at Lassen Community College and then moved on to Oregon State University where he earned a BS in Engineering in 1985 and an MS the following year. He feels that the program has provided additional knowledge that will complement what he has learned through experience.

William Smith (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Bill is a Sociology graduate from California State University, Fullerton. He is the Medford Center manager of Lincare Inc., a national home oxygen, respiratory and durable medical equipment company. He hopes to work into upper management with Lincare upon completing his MiM degree.

Tina Snider (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Tina received a BA in Industrial Management and an AA in Accounting from OIT in 1992. She is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Ed Staub & Sons Petroleum Inc., Staub Petroleum Inc., and Staub Energy Inc. She has worked in the area of finance and accounting for over 10 years in both private and public companies and has held positions such as controller, accounting manager, senior accountant, and financial statement accountant. Prior to joining Staub, Tina was an accounting manager at Cell Tech.

Randy Sparacino (Fall 98 - Winter 00)
Randy received a BS in Social Science from SOU in 1993, while working as a community service officer for the Medford Police Department. He has moved up to serve as a police officer and has been tapped to become a field training officer. His goal is to advance within his present employment.

Jeanne Stallman (Fall 00 - Fall 01)
Jeanne is the Director of Conferences and Senior Programs at SOU. She describes her job as "planning learning vacations" and characterizes it as a mix of housing, education, and event planning. Jeanne has been involved with Elderhostel and senior learning programs at SOU since 1990. She completed a BA in English Literature at Georgetown University in 1986. She dreams of one day being a CEO.

Patricia Surowski (Fall 00- Spring 03)
Patty started her own interior design business in 2000. Prior to establishing "A Fresh Look," she worked as a claims representative for Farmers Insurance in Rogue River. She spent 11 years in retail management including stints at Bath and Body Works in Medford and at the Gap at Valley River Center in Eugene. She completed a BA in Anthropology in Minnesota in 1985 at St. Cloud State University. Patty looks forward to returning to the field of management with additional credentials in order to advance to higher levels in her career.

Teri Terrill (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Teri has been the Employment Manager at the Rogue Valley Manor since 1999. Prior to this position, she served as the Assistant General Manager of the Windmill Inn in Medford for a year and a half. Teri began working for the company as a trainer in 1996 and moved up to serve as a Human Resources Coordinator for seven properties located in three states. She completed an AA at Southwestern Oregon Community College in 1993 and in 1996 earned two BS degrees from SOSC in Business and Communications. Her resume includes teaching English in Japan. She hopes to continue working in the field of Human Resource Management and having greater positions of responsibility over the years.

CarlThomas (Fall 98 - Spring 02)
Carl earned a BS in Business at SOU in 1994. He is presently employed as Assistant to the Director of Admissions at SOU, a position he has held since 1996. He has also worked in retail sales. He aspires to a position such as Dean of Admissions or Dean of Student Affairs.

Patti Trujillo (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Patti has been employed as rehabilitation director for Highland House in Grants Pass since 1996 and has worked in other capacities in occupational therapy for many years. She sought an MM degree to give credibility to her position and profession and to help her grow with the changing needs of the industry.

Wendy Turner (Fall 03 - Spring 05)
Wendy graduated from OSU in 1997 with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. She works at OIT as an Assistant Registrar. Wendy's community activities include volunteer work with the Miss Klamath County/Miss City of Sunshine Scholarship Pageant and Walk for Life.

Lana Tuss (Winter 98 - Winter 00)
Lana received a BS in Business from Portland State in 1987. She has been employed as an accountant by Boise Cascade since 1994. She completed the MiM program in order to develop broader leadership abilities at Boise Cascade.

Kelly Walker (Fall 99 - Winter 02)
Kelly received a degree in Business Management from Sierra Nevada College. He served as an assistant regional manager of plywood operations at Timber Products Company in Medford for several years. He moved to Ohio in the summer of 2000 where he is responsible for supplier relations for the Longaberger Basket Company. Kelly is looking for fresh ideas to make him a better manager.

Therese Wavrin (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Therese serves as the lead pharmacist at Providence Medford Medical Center, a post she has held since 1994. She has worked as a pharmacist in southern Oregon since 1983, beginning with a four-year stint at Merle West Medical Center in Klamath Falls. Therese has been affiliated with Providence since 1987. She completed a BS in Pharmacy with a minor in Business at Oregon State University in 1982. Her community activities include serving as a principal dancer for the Medford Civic Ballet since 1988.

Sharon Whitlock (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Sharon is a senior accountant at Merle West Medical Center and teaches as an adjunct professor in Accounting at OIT. After a 20-year hiatus, she resumed college studies six years ago and earned a BS in Management Information Administration from OIT in 1997. Sharon feels that the MiM course work has helped her identify her strengths and direct her career path in the best direction for her.

John Wiley (Fall 99 - Fall 01)
John has a BA in Criminology from Southern Oregon University. He served as an international sales manager for Darex Corporation while participating in the MiM program. John hopes that the MiM degree will help him achieve his own goals as well as make him a better manager. He feels that with the MiM program successfully completed, he now has the fundamental skills to become a professional manager.

Faustina Willie (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Faustina is a lawyer in Accra, Ghana. She earned a Bachelor of Law from the University of Ghana in 1997 and completed a post professional law course in 1999 at the Ghana School of Law. Prior to attending law school, Faustina spent a year as a teacher. Her personal philosophy regarding change is that "where one stands at one point in time does not matter, rather, where one seeks to move is important." She hopes to apply the knowledge she has acquired through the MiM program to an administrative position in Ghana.

Hart Wilson (Spring 99 - Winter 02)
Hart graduated from OSU with a BA in French. After a four-year stint of teaching in Corvallis, she moved to Sacramento to work for Western Fairs Association as an administrative assistant. She followed her boss to work for the Cleveland Cavaliers and ended up as a CO-owner of a vineyard and winery operation in Northeast Ohio. Hart was very active in the Ohio grape industry for ten years. She found the MiM program an excellent opportunity to formalize many of the skills she had learned on the job.

Kristen Winter (Fall 98 - Winter 00)
Kristen has been manager of financial services and resource planning for US Cellular since 1997, having been with the company in other capacities since 1992. Through the MiM program, she looked to refine her abilities and business skills. She says of the program, "I feel it will give me the confidence I need to step in the ring with the big boys and excel in any challenge I am given."

Cherisa Wooley (Fall 98 - Spring 00)
Cherisa is an operations supervisor for UPS, a position to which she was promoted in January 1997. Prior to her promotion, she served as an account executive for two and a half years. Cherisa chose the MiM program to enrich her approach to managing people and give her a broadened view of business.

Karolina Wyszynska (Fall 03 - Winter 06)
Karolina holds a graduate degree in English from her native Poland as well as an undergraduate degree in English from SOU. She is currently the Sales and Catering Manager at the Ashland Springs Hotel. She intends to parlay her experience in hospitality management to a senior management position in Poland.

Dianne York (Fall 02 - Spring 04)
Dianne first came to SOSC in 1983 and began taking a few classes. After owning and operating her own independent small business for six years, the sale of her business in 1995 allowed her to resume her education. She received a BS in Communication in 2002. She is employed as an office manager at SOU and works tirelessly for family, disability and obesity awareness issues.

Cheryl Zelinsky (Fall 99 - Spring 02)
Cheryl is the director for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Program at OIT. As the director of a new bachelor’s degree program, she is responsible for teaching, budgeting, hiring, acquiring equipment, curriculum development, and more. She gained teaching and clinical management experience at Merced College, following 15 years at Emmanuel Medical Center in Turlock, California. She is confident that having increased her knowledge base in management, she will help bring success to her department.

Allison Zigich (Fall 00 - Spring 02)
Allison earned a BA in Telecommunications from SOU in 1998. Since graduation, she has worked for the City of Talent in a variety of capacities related to community relations and administrative support. She has worked for Clear Channel Communications as a radio personality since 1997 and also serves as a volunteer news host and reporter for Jefferson Public Radio. Her goals include serving at a management level of either a newsroom or a city hall somewhere in Oregon. She sees a Masters degree as an essential component of realizing her ambitions.