"Since being part of the MiM program I have had many great experiences, rewards, opportunities, and promotions. My degree in the MiM program has opened many opportunities within the company I work for that would never have been possible before."

"I gain insight, ideas and tools that I use at my work."

"I believe the responsibility that is entrusted to me by my employer would not have been given to me without taking the personal initiative to enhance my leadership skills and increase my knowledge. My company recognizes that I have done that by completing the MiM graduate degree program. I am confident that additional opportunity and promotions are available to me and I have the MiM program to thank for it!"

"The MiM program was valuable in terms of personal insight and professional development. I learned skills and concepts I was able to apply at work the next day."

"As a practicing manager and leader, I have been able to learn about ideas or techniques and apply them virtually the next day. The results have been amazing."

"The program has been great in improving my networking, communication and group skills."

"I value how the learning process continues for me while I'm at work. I have numerous opportunities to reflect on the course work in the 'real world.'"

"I now have a better idea of what goes on in positions, teams and departments other than my own, from a management perspective. In some cases, I have been able to bring to bear the tools and knowledge that I have gained from the program in my daily job."

"I have learned so much in the past year that I have been able to apply to my current job."

"The skills and concepts that we cover help me to be a more efficient and more aware employee."

What instructors say about the participants...

"As an instructor for the MiM Program I have found the typical students to be dedicated professionals with strong management experience who have seen the need in their various occupations to improve the caliber of their personal management skills. The MiM Program is unique among other masters level business programs because it focuses on building practical, applicable management skills rather than developing theoretical constructs about what business might be like. Therefore MiM is a great match for maturing professionals who see the need to continually improve their management skills in order to remain competitive as well as advance in their chosen career fields."

--- Paul Bryan, MIS Instructor, 1999-2001