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According to CNN's Best 100 Jobs in America for 2013, three of the top 10 jobs, and seven of the top 25 careers are in computer science: #3 Software Architect, #7 Software Developer, #8 IT Consultant, #12 User Interface Engineer, #14  Database Administrator, #17 Information Assurance Analyst, #22 Applications Engineer. The average annual pay for these seven careers is $95,600. These jobs are projected to offer the best growth opportunities, great pay, and work that's satisfying for the years ahead.

Computer Science students at SOU often mention the benefits of small classroom sizes, accessibility to faculty, ability to apply learning to real world situations and specialized academic interests, and living in a community with a great climate and amazing choices of activities, events, and the pursuit of interests. Feel free to explore the pages of Computer Science as well as Why SOU, STEM Division, Alumni in Action, and About SOU. And contact us for more information and with your questions. 

Bachelors in Computer Science....

Earn a BA or BS in Computer Science at SOU and experience the distinction of gaining a rigorous technology degree, with an emphasis on core computer software programming, within a leading liberal arts university.

Or, A Minor in Computer Science....

For students with more than one academic interest and an interest in technology, choosing a Minor in Computer Science may be the right choice for you. To earn a minor in Computer Science, students complete a set of core courses required of Computer Science majors.

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