Southern Oregon University is the first university in Oregon to offer a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management.  This program prepares students for managerial careers in technical fields and offers a seamless transition from an applied associate's degree in a technical field to a bachelor’s degree.  Up to 124 quarter hours may be transferred into the program, and the remaining courses may be completed at SOU. 

The BAS degree is designed for students who:

  • Hold an applied two-year trade degree (outside the area of Business) from a regionally accredited institution with a GPA of 2.5 or better. 
  • Want courses online or in the evenings in Medford. 
  • Want to advance in their trade field without losing so many credits upon transfer

Educational Objectives

1.  Accept leadership roles in business and industry.
2.  Conduct a comprehensive analysis of individual and group behaviors in organizations.
3.  Develop a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals of business.
4.  Use critical thinking skills and practical knowledge to solve specific business management problems.
5.  Apply career development strategies and progress into management-level positions.

Students often question the difference between the BAS and a BS degree.  The diagram below illustrates the different components of both degree programs:

Diagram of differences between BAS and BS

Credits in each category are approximate.  Credit awarded per class can vary across institutions, and since a student will have transfer credits as part of this degree, approximations are used.  

Required Courses

There are two tracks for the BAS in Management degree:  the original Management track and the Hospitality and Tourism track.  All of the lower division and upper division University Studies requirements that apply to a Bachelor of Science degree also apply to the BAS.  In addition, students are required to complete a selection of business courses and elective courses that will enhance the student’s professional development in their area of technical expertise.  Use the Advising Worksheets to track your progress as a student: 

BAS in Management Worksheet 

BAS in Management - Hospitality and Tourism Option Worksheet


1.  The BAS is not intended for students with an AAS in Business or Accounting. 
2.  Students must have 60 upper division credits to graduate.

For more information, please write to: or call 541-552-8151.