*Late applications will be accepted but may affect graduation term and degree awarding.



Degrees are awarded four times per year at the end of each term. An annual commencement ceremony is held in June and all degree candidates with approved applications for Fall through Summer terms of that academic year are eligible to participate.

You must apply for your degree to be awarded. You should apply in advance to allow sufficient time for application processing and adjustment to course schedule as necessary.

**This page is intended for undergraduate students graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Students graduating with a master’s degree should speak with their graduate coordinator regarding the application process.


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Apply for Degree Degree Evaluation Final Review Degree Awarding
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Apply for Degree

Before submitting the online application, you should meet with your advisor to verify remaining requirements and develop a course completion plan. Please note: You will need to be signed into InsideSOU to access the application. Apply to graduate by clicking here.  If you do not have access to InsideSOU, or if your network account has been deactivated, please email the Degree Coordinator.  NOTE: Please use this ONLY if you have exhausted all avenues of access to InsideSOU.

Application Fee - A graduation application fee of $75 will be applied to your student account during processing of your application. This fee is only charged once per bachelor’s degree and while transferable to another term of completion, is not refundable upon cancellation of an application.

Certificate Fee - For students graduating with a certificate from Southern Oregon University, a $10 certification fee will be applied to your student account in addition to the $75 graduation application fee.

Reapplying - If you have applied previously and were not approved, you will not be charged the application fee again unless it has been more than a full year, at which time you will be charged a reapplication fee of $25.

Course Completion Plan - You will provide your current course registration as well as a list of courses you plan to complete in your last term. Failure to provide a clear and accurate plan may affect credit hour, GPA, and degree evaluation.

Catalog Year - your degree evaluation will be based upon the Catalog you have listed in the Student Information System at the time of application processing (viewable in Banner Self-Service SISWeb). If you would like to, or need to, follow the requirements of a different Catalog year, please make the change in SISWeb prior to submitting this degree application. We recommend you consult your advisor(s) to ensure you are selecting an appropriate Catalog year.


Degree Evaluation

Once your application has been received, an evaluation will generally be conducted within 3-5 weeks to review your progress toward completion of baccalaureate, University Studies, and general degree requirements. Your application and evaluation will then be sent to your major and minor departments for approval. All communication regarding your application will be sent to your SOU email.

Degree Deficiency - If deficiency is found at any point in the application process, you will be notified at your SOU email. You will be required to determine a plan to clear your degree requirement(s) prior to approval of your application. Please respond promptly to avoid delay and possibly cancellation of your application.

Changes to Degree Application - Changes to your degree application, including anticipated term of completion and course completion plan, must be reported to the Degree Coordinator via email (graduation@sou.edu), and approved in advance. Failure to inform the Degree Coordinator of changes may delay your graduation.

Final Review

After grades post for the term, a final review will be conducted to ensure you have completed all degree requirements. Please allow 3-5 weeks for final review processing. All communication regarding your final review will be sent to your SOU email.

Degree Deficiency - A degree will not be awarded to any student who did not take, pass, or receive a grade in a course indicated on their course completion plan submitted with their Application for Degree. If you do not meet your degree requirements by your anticipated term of completion you will need to determine a plan to clear your degree requirement(s). Please respond promptly to avoid cancelation of your application.

Unresolved Grades - A degree cannot be awarded if there is an unresolved grade (‘I’, ‘E’ or ‘M’) on your record. Students must clear all grades prior to degree awarding. To avoid delay in degree awarding, all incomplete grades (‘I’ or ‘E’) must be completed within 60 days from grade posting in final term. Changes made after 60 days will move a student’s degree awarding date to the end of the term in which the change is entered.

Degree Awarding

After it is determined that you successfully completed all degree requirements, your degree will be awarded and you will see it posted to your records in Banner Self- Service SISWeb.

Institutional Honors – Students earning an Institutional Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher at time of degree awarding, after all grades are posted, will be awarded honors based on the following:

Cum Laude: 3.50-3.74
Magna Cum Laude: 3.75-3.89
Summa Cum Laude: 3.90-4.00


Diploma Name – Diploma names are based on official record with SOU at time of degree awarding. You may submit an Affidavit of Name Change prior to awarding. Any changes made after awarding will not prompt a new diploma; however, you may order one online for a fee.

Degree Information - Degree type and major(s) will be listed on diplomas. Minors will not be included on the diploma. Double majors leading to the same degree type will be awarded as one degree/diploma. Dual degrees (any non-duplicative combination of BA/BS/etc) will be awarded as two degrees/diplomas.

Mailing - Diplomas will be ordered and mailed approximately two weeks after degree awarding. Diplomas will be sent to the diploma mailing address on file in Banner Self- Service SISWeb at time of degree awarding. Our vendor will send an email to you when the diploma is en route.

To enter a Diploma Mailing address, please follow these steps:

- Sign into InsideSOU, and select the Banner Self-Service SISWeb Link

- Update Addresses and Phones

- Add New Address, select "Diploma Mailing" from the dropdown menu

If you are having trouble with accessing your Student SISWeb, please contact or visit the ESC, and they can assist you further.

**Students must be in good financial standing with the university and have no financial holds on their account in order to receive their diploma. **


Commencement is the celebratory graduation ceremony held once a year in June and a wonderful opportunity for you to share your accomplishments with friends and family. Students with an approved degree application on file for the current academic year, including the upcoming summer term, are eligible to participate in the ceremony. Further information regarding Commencement will be sent to eligible students in May and is available online. Participation in Commencement is not a guarantee of degree completion. Students are subject to final degree evaluation prior to the awarding of their degree.

Institutional Honors at Commencement - students earning an Institutional Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher at end of the winter term preceding the ceremony qualify for a complimentary honors cord to wear at Commencement based on the following:

Cum Laude (red): 3.50-3.74
Magna Cum Laude (blue): 3.75-3.89
Summa Cum Laude (gold): 3.90-4.00

Honors cords will be distributed by the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) beginning May 14th and students have until June 1 to pick them up. No honors cords will be available for distribution at the ceremony.

Commencement Program – You must submit your Application for Degree no later than May 1 to have your name included in the Commencement Program. Any student wishing to have their name excluded from appearing in the program may send a request via email to graduation@sou.edu by May 1. Names are based on official record with SOU and you may submit an Affidavit of Name Change prior to May 1 if you would like to be listed by a different name.