The Consortium form allows students to concurrently enroll at SOU and another institution and have their combined credit load serve as a basis for establishing financial aid eligibility.

Under this agreement, Financial Aid will be processed by the SOU using shared information from the "host institution" (the other institution). Currently, we have consortiums with Rogue Community College, Klamath Community College, and Oregon Institute of Technology (MEd students only). Other institutions may be considered and are subject to approval. In order to be eligible for a deferment on prior educational loans, minimum enrollment (6 hrs) must be maintained at a single institution.

Financial aid shall not be received from both institutions during the same academic term for any reason.

Requirements for Dual Enrolling:

  • The student must be fully admitted and pursuing a degree with SOU.
  • The student may only enroll in credits that lead to completion of the program declared as the student's major and that they are not able to take at SOU. They must be courses offered at SOU that you are unable to take due to the class being full or not being offered a particular term that you need to take in order to graduate on time. Students must also provide supporting documentation.
  • Audited courses and classes under the 100 level (and math classes under the 60 level) do not count as enrolled hours for funding.
  • At least half of your credit load must be taken at SOU and the student must be enrolled at least half-time with SOU.
  • If a student drops all classes at SOU ( and we are the HOME school) SOU will not disburse if the aid is not already disbursed or will pull back any aid that has been paid to the student. The Dual Enrollment form will be void and not valid at SOU.
  • The student's academic progress on combined credits will be monitored on a term-by-term basis by SOU.
  • The student must agree and sign to the terms listed on the co-enrollment form.
  • The student must turn in a completed co-enrollment form per the requirements listed on the form with all required documents to the Enrollment Service Office or email to by the deadline. There are no exceptions to the deadline. Any incomplete forms will be turned away and considered late if not turned in by the deadline.


Consortium Agreement forms for 2019-20 must be received in our office by:

Term Deadline
Fall September 16, 2019
Winter December 23, 2019
Spring March 16, 2020
Summer** June 10, 2020

Please be sure to read the form thoroughly as you will be expected to maintain eligibility based on the terms of the agreement. 

 Undergraduate Dual Enrollment Form

Graduate Consortium Agreement

**Summer now only requires the Dual Enrollment Form to be turned in by June 10th, 2020. As with other terms, no late or incomplete forms will be accepted. 


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