The Appeals Committee

Southern Oregon University has established the Academic Appeals Committee to review requests for special consideration in the area of registration deadlines, tuition credits, and other special requests.  In order for the committee to consider an exception to an established policy, a student’s circumstances must be extraordinary and compelling, e.g., a family emergency. If this is determined, you may be eligible for a tuition credit subject to additional fees. The appeals committee will not consider appeals based on personal reasons or work schedule conflicts.

Appeals must be filed before the end of the following term, e.g. if appealing Fall term you must submit the completed appeals form by the end of Winter term. Appeals submitted beyond the allotted time frame will not be considered.  Appeals missing required items, or otherwise considered incomplete, 90 days after submission of appeal will be automatically denied.

Please make sure to complete all required sections of the petition. Incomplete petitions will be denied.  All required supporting documentation (ie instructor and/or chair statements) must be submitted within 90 days of appeal submission. You appeal will only be considered if you have serious and compelling reasons and documentation supporting your request.

If you are withdrawing from any or all courses, you may be entitled to a refund of fees paid. If you are withdrawing completely from SOU at this time, we hope we can welcome you back in the future. Please feel free to contact Enrollment Services staff for assistance.

The Refund Process

Refunds are calculated by the published refund schedule as designated by the Oregon University System of Higher Education and Southern Oregon University.

  1. Students must drop courses through MySOU or by submitting an Add/Drop slip to the Enrollment Services Center.
  2. Monetary credits, in all cases, are calculated from the date of receipt of the official withdrawal and NOT from the date you stopped attending classes.
  3. Students are responsible for reviewing the published refund schedule for the academic year or for summer session.
  4. A refund, if any, will be applied first to all debts due Southern Oregon University, the Oregon University System, and financial aid programs. Tuition credits will be applied back to financial aid at the point that you completely withdraw from school. Any tuition credits remaining after applying proceeds back to financial aid programs will be used to offset any other charges you have incurred.
  5. A refund will be issued after application of credits to any debits owed. If you owe a repayment of financial aid that you have already received, you will be notified. Processing of credits due you, if any, can take four to six weeks after partial or complete withdrawal.

The Appeal Process

Students who feel their special circumstances warrant consideration may appeal the procedures defined above by filing an academic appeal.

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