Printable forms are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Withdrawing from SOU (online form)
Use this form if your desire is to withdraw from all of your courses.  You are still able to drop courses on your own, but will need to complete this form in order to drop ALL your courses (or your final course).

Enrollment Policy Appeals
Use this form to request special consideration in the area of registration deadlines, tuition credits, and other special requests.

Add/Drop Slip
Use this form to add or drop classes.

Grade Mode Change Request (online form)
Use this form to submit grade mode change requests (to change a grade from P/NP to Graded or from Graded to P/NP)

Degree Application (online form)
Use this form to submit your application for a degree at least two terms before you expect to complete all the requirements for your degree.

Diploma Reissue Request (online form)
Use this form to request a reprint of your original diploma.

Early Readmission after Suspension
Use this form to appeal your suspension to be readmitted in less than your one year wait.

FERPA Release (online form)
Use this form to consent to the release of your educational records, to parents, for example.

Irregular Registration
This form may be accessed by instructors by following the above link to InsideSOU, and then following the Banner Self-Service > Faculty Tools link under Online Services to the last link under Faculty Registration Tools.

Name Change Form Affidavit
Use this form to submit official name changes for your academic records. You must include a copy of your updated state ID.  If you have not updated your state ID you will need to provide a copy of court documentation, such as legal name change documents, marriage license or divorce degree with the completed form.

Readmission after One-Year Suspension (online form)
Use this form to request readmission from the Academic Standards Committee after one-year suspension.

Residency Affidavit
Review the residency requirements and find the residency affidavit at the linked site. 

Returning Students
Use this form if you have been away from SOU for more than 3 terms, so we can reactivate your account. Please note, if you have received a bachelor's or master's degree elsewhere since attending SOU, you will need to complete the Graduate/Postbaccalaureate application with Admissions.