University Housing COVID-19 Updates

Southern Oregon University is offering housing for the summer session, and we are planning to offer in-person services for the 2020-21 academic year, while continuing to prioritize safety and wellness.

All University Housing plans will align with Oregon Health Authority and local health authority guidance. More detailed information for campus-wide plans can be found on the university reopening website.

For information on SOU COVID-19 Cases:

Winter Term 2021 COVID-19 Information

Letter from President Schott on Thanksgiving Break, Winter Term Plans: 11.18.2020

Letter from Campus Leadership on Winter Quarter Housing Expectations: 12.10.2020

University Housing Additional Guidance on COVID (Winter Term 2021)  


DropBox to upload COVID-19 Test Results:

Please make sure that your negative test results have your name on them as we won't be able to identify your results any other way. If you are unable to add your name to the test results, please label your document with the following title:


Ex. “Rocky_Raider_COVID19TestResults”

Acceptable tests are: Antigen, and PCR

Custodial Services 

Increased efforts of sanitizing have been taking place in all of the SOU residence halls since March 2020.

High-touchpoint areas in residence halls are sanitized regularly and include:

  • crash-bars on exit doors
  • door knobs and handles
  • mailboxes 
  • faucet handles
  • laundry machine handles/buttons
  • elevator buttons
  • soap dispenser levers
  • paper towel dispenser controls
  • light switches 
  • handrails in stairwells


Dining Services  

For Fall 2020, The Hawk Dining Commons will remain open and provide essential services. Food stations will no longer be self-serve, but will be staffed with a server who will plate the food for all residents. Seating areas have also been reconfigured to allow for proper social distancing and will be sanitized regularly.

Additionally, extra hand-sanitizer stations have been added to The Hawk, along with designated social-distancing locations. 

Student Engagement

University Housing staff will ensure that residence halls are secure and promote a healthy environment for students to focus on their academics. Student-staff will complete nightly rounds through all of the buildings and,along with the full-time Professional Staff, are still on-call 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. 

In observance of social distancing, we will be hosting small group in-person events/programs. Students should also expect small or digital engagement activities, and more personal interactions with their Resident Assistants. Students will also be texted from Housing staff as another way to meet their needs and stay in contact with them.

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