Theatre Teacher Training Program

Earn your Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design over three summers!

"The program vastly exceeded my expectations!  It was an AMAZING experience.  I grew as an artist and technician, but I also grew as a person -- the program pushed me to grow in ways I thought were no longer possible.  I accomplished more than I dreamed I could.  I can't wait to be pushed to next level (perhaps kicking and screaming!) next year.  I would recommend this program to any secondary theatre teacher.  Life changing.  Really."  ~evaluation comment from a 2014 graduate candidate

Summer 2019 Two-Week Main Session:  July 5-20, 2019

Join us for an intensive, two-week program designed specifically for employed theatre teachers at the high school and community college level.  For three consecutive summers, study an integrated curriculum at the SOU campus where you will receive thorough training in script analysis, design, and production.  During the academic school year, work from your home base and use the setting of your own school theatre to continue your studies in the areas of research, curriculum, design, and production.   This program will help expand your understanding and skills in the art and craft of theatre while allowing you to become a better theatre teacher.

Faculty include nationally and internationally known artists, including design and technical faculty from the Oregon Center for the Arts at SOU Theatre Program and professionals from the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF).

Course work includes hands-on training in scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design; script analysis; theatre technologies; stage management; and production management. As part of your course work you will see productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and participate in post-show analyses of OSF productions.

2019 Summer One-week-long Elective/Professional Development

Each summer three credit week-long courses are offered which can apply to the Master's degree curriculum, or can be registered for by individuals who are seeking to fulfill teacher continuing education requirements for their school districts.  Enrollment in these courses is made available to non-matriculated students if openings remain available after matriculated Master of Theatre Studies students have selected their electives each summer. Southern Oregon University operates on the quarter term system.

  • Pre-Session Elective - Choreography - June 29-July 3, 2019
  • Post-Session Elective I - Fundamentals of Automated Stage Lighting - July 22-26, 2019
  • Post-Session Elective II - Digital Design: Sketch Up - July 22-26, 2019
  • See Elective Course home page for more information. 

Master of Theatre Studies graduate candidate information and testimonials

Our students come from California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Wyoming, Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, Iowa, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, South Dakota, New Jersey, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Maine, as well as from abroad, including Angola, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, South Korea, and Tunisia. Here's what they say:

  • Teachers are extraordinarily generous with their time, their warmth, their knowledge, and their eagerness for us to get this.
  • The two-week program offered a good mix of learning through direct instruction and learning by doing. Every single instructor was knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful.
  • There were so many "aha" moments in classes; it was very thrilling.
  • I have LOVED meeting other theatre teachers, learning what their practices are, and developing a cadre of real friends to whom I can turn for advice, help, inspiration, and laughs.
  • I am a better teacher than I was three years ago.
  • I have a greater understanding of each technical area than I did previous to this program and am excited to impart my learned knowledge to my students and continuing to integrate it into our curriculum.
  • Great program. Great people, facility, town.
  • It’s phenomenal
  • The confidence I have gained from this program is INVALUABLE.
  • The curriculum is great, and the people are better. I had a great time developing lasting professional and personal relationships with the people in my cohort and the other cohorts.
  • Most amazing 3 years of my life. Really.
  • This program has given me more confidence, improved my teaching and made me a more well-rounded theatre artist.

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