Currently enrolled and readmitted, former students are eligible to register according to the prioritized schedule below. The schedule lists the date and time a particular group of students may start registering for classes based on the number of successfully earned and graded credit hours through the most recently completed term.  For transfer students, this includes transfer credit accepted by SOU.  Currently registered in-progress classes, as displayed in your DegreeWorks audit, do NOT count towards your registration eligibility date.

You can find your earned credit hours through InsideSOU in Online Services > Student & Registration Tools > Registration Status > Select the registration term > Earned Credit.  Transfer students will need to add Transfer earned credit hours to Institutional earned credit hours for registration purposes.

You will be able to register in InsideSOU any time after your designated start time.

*All dates are subject to change please check back regularly.

**Newly admitted students will receive information about Raider Registration once they pay their enrollment deposit.

Registration Cancellations: Students who register and find that they cannot attend SOU must access MySOU, or visit the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) in Britt 230 to cancel their registration prior to the beginning of classes. Failure to do so will result in tuition charges. For information about refunds, go to the Academic Calendar to view the refund schedule.

Restrictions on registering for online courses: During the first five days of the registration period, only online degree completion students with sufficient class standing may register for online courses. The restriction is removed from online courses by 1:00 p.m., Friday, of the first week of registration. This restriction will be applied to all courses with a delivery method of "Online." However, departments offering online courses may provide manual overrides to students on a case-by-case basis until the registration restriction is removed.

Holds on your account: If you have registration holds on your account you will not be able to register. Please check your holds via InsideSOU (Online Services / Student & Registration Tools / Academic Profile / Holds). Make sure you take care of the holds, prior to your scheduled registration time. If you have a revolving charge hold, you can resolve that yourself in InsideSOU by electronically agreeing to the Revolving Charge Agreement (Online Services / Student & Registration Tools / Billing Account / Sign Revolving Charge Agreement).