Advising Appointments at SOU for Spring 2020:

All advisors will be meeting with students virtually through the following means:

  1. Over the phone
  2. Video Conferencing - Zoom or Google Hangouts
  3. Instant Message - through Google Hangouts through your SOU email account

To connect with your faculty or major advisors - please send them an email to set up a virtual appointment.

To connect with your student success coordinator - Use the following directions to make a virtual appointment with an SSC:

1. Download the Navigate app by looking for Navigate Student in the App Store or Google Play
2. Sign-in using your SOU username and password
3. Select "Appointments", and then "Schedule an Appointment" on the bottom of the next screen.
4. You will then enter a series of questions to help guide your appointment scheduling. Please follow these steps:
  • Which campus office would you like to meet with? Advising, then select the type of appointment
  • Select the topic of the appointment. "Continue to Next Step"
  • (Location & Staff): Select "Over the Phone" or "Video Conferencing"
  • Select the name of your student success coordinator. Click "Continue to Next Step"
  • Pick a Time!

In person meetings are not being offered at this time. Please contact your student success coordinator if you have any questions. Thanks!

Moodle Support: Accessing and Participating in Online or Remotely Delivered Courses:

For any questions regarding your Moodle website (the link to Moodle is at the top of all the insideSOU webpages) you can see the Student Moodle How-To Guide here. Additionally, please reach out to your professors and student success coordinator for support if you have any trouble during spring term. 

Student Success Coordinators:
AdvisorsSpring2019small 1

Top Row: Andrew Clum (STEM), Karen Bolda (OCA)
Middle Row: Mary Patridge (DEHL), Robin Williams (BCE), Edward Derr (Humanities & Culture)
Front Row: Lea Griess (Social Sciences), Max Brooks (Career Connections)