This section of our website serves as your complete guide to being an online student at Southern Oregon University. To avoid missing any important steps, please review this guide in the order presented. Use the links below or at left to access each topic.

Use the Online Student Checklist to check off each item as you complete it. If you need assistance at any point, refer to Student Support and Services Contacts.

  1. Online Courses at SOU
    · Types of Distance Courses
    · Fees for Online Courses
    · Online Programs & Coordinators
    · Is Online for You?

  2. Preparing for Online Learning
    · Are You Ready?
    · About Online Learning
    · Skills Needed
    · Prerequisite Courses
  3. Applying to SOU 
    · Apply for Admission 
    · Obtain Financial Aid
    · Returning Students
    · Non-Admit/Quick Admit 

  4. Enrolling in Classes 
    · When to Register 
    · Activate Your Account
    · Register for Courses
    · Account
    Status & Holds

  5. Accessing Student Services
    · Inside SOU
    · SOU Email
    · Student Services
    · Academic Policies

  6. Making Payments
    · Pay Tuition & Fees
    · Activate Your SOU OneCard

  7. Taking Your Online Course
    · Get Your Textbooks
    · Access Moodle
    · About Proctored Exams
    · Contact Your Instructor
    · Tips for Success

Note: Some links to other web pages may open in a new window so you can explore those pages without losing your place in this guide.

This guide contains files in PDF format. If you are unable to view PDF files, please download and install Adobe Reader. Email the Help Desk at or call (541) 552-6900 if you need assistance installing this free program.