These pages provide instructions on how to apply to SOU and obtain financial aid. If you do not intend to formally apply for admission, see instructions for Non-Admit Status to find out how to register for an online course. This Online Student Checklist will guide you from the application process through your first day of classes.

Apply for Admission

Students interested in a degree completion program or a graduate or post-baccalaureate program must complete one or more applications for admission. Detailed instructions for completing an online application are available in PDF format and video format. (Formerly admitted students who are returning to SOU do not need to complete the application again. See related tab for more information.) 

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  • Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs — To apply to a degree completion program (Business Administration, Criminology & Criminal Justice, or Early Childhood Development), you must complete the prerequisite courses and apply for admission. Business students must also apply to the School of Business. Contact the program coordinator for details.
  • Graduate or Post-Baccalaureate Programs — Students interested in graduate or post-baccalaureate programs must submit an Application for Graduate Admission. In addition, those entering a Master's program or completing an endorsement in Education must also apply to the School of Education. Contact the program coordinator for details.