Vaughn Davis Bornet, PhD (Social Sciences/History)

  Professor. Ph.D. Stanford University, 1951. Emeritus since 1980.

Richard Frey (History)

  Professor. PhD, University of Oregon, 1969. Emeritus since 1997. 

Karen Gernant (History)

  Professor. Ph.D, University of Oregon, 1980. Emeritus since 2001. 

Neil Kunze (History)

  Professor. Dean of Social Sciences, Education, Health and Physical Education. PhD, University of California,
  Los Angeles, 1971. Emeritus since 2001.

Gary M. Miller (History)

  Professor. BA, California State University; MA, San Diego State University; PhD, University of Florida.

Paul Pavlich (Political Science)

 Assistant Professor. AB, College of William and Mary; MA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; JD, University of California, Berkeley.

Don B. Rhoades (Political Science)

  Professor. Ph.D., 1972, University of Nebraska. Emeritus since 2002.

Karen S. Sunwick (History)

  Professor. Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1986. Emeritus since 2007.

Robert T. Harrison (History)

  Professor. Ph.D., University of Southern California. Emeritus since 2014.