Your History or Political Science faculty advisor is here to help you with your academic and career planning as you work toward completing your baccalaureate degree. You should see your advisor often, but you will be required to see them to discuss and have your academic plan approved.

Creating and filing your yearly academic plan is easy. Here is a seven-step process for getting this requirement out of the way.

1. Review your progress toward fulfilling SOU general education requirements. You can do this either in DegreeWorks. You can also set up an appointment to meet with Lea Griess, the social science division advisor and student success coordinator, to review these requirements as well.

2. Review your progress toward completion of your History Major requirements in DegreeWorks. Check in with your faculty advisor if classes aren't pulling in where you think they should in your DegreeWorks.

3. Create a tentative plan in DegreeWorks for the next three academic terms. Include all your courses, not just History.

4. Make an appointment with your faculty advisor. If you are unsure who your faculty advisor is, look in DegreeWorks or contact Lea Griess at

5. Have your plan in DegreeWorks saved so you and your advisor can look at it together when you meet. Being prepared beforehand will make the most of the appointment.

6. After discussion and approval your faculty advisor will enter your plan and lift your registration hold for the next year.

7. To ensure that you are on track, communicate with your faculty advisor and your Student Success Advisor, Lea Griess.