Student Success is a priority within the Division of Social Sciences. By providing resources and opportunities in academic advising, career exploration, academic success, leadership development and student engagement the social science faculty and staff place your holistic success at the center of their work. 

All students are assigned a faculty advisor to support them through their major. Additionally, students have access to the social sciences student success coordinator to support their academic success and engagement during their time at SOU.

Edward 2017                  

Edward Derr - All majors, but psychology.

Edward is the Social Sciences Student Success Coordinator. He assists all majors in the division, except Psychology. To learn more about student success and engagement opportunities within the division contact Edward here:,  541-552-6624, Taylor Hall 101. Make an appointment with Edward with the Navigate app.

Tanya 2017           

Tanya Blakeley - Psychology Majors 

Tanya Blakeley is the student success coordinator for the psychology program.To make an appointment with Tanya, email her at  


Advisor Assignment and Curriculum Update Links for Faculty Advisors:

Curriculum Update Form - Faculty advisors may use this form to change students' majors, minors, catalog year, concentrations, degree and certificates.

Advisor Assignment Form - Facutly advisors may use this form to assign students to major advisors.