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Division of Social Sciences

Photo of Dan DeNeui, Division Director Dan DeNeui, Division Director, Taylor Hall 127, 541-552-6913

Photo of Lea Griess, Student Success Advisor Lea Griess, Student Success Advisor, Taylor Hall 121, 541-552-6254, Make an appointment with Lea.

Photo of Terry Knowles, Division Coordinator Terry Knowles, Division Assistant for the Social Sciences, Taylor Hall 109, 541-552-6255

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Photo of Dave Carter, CCJ Program Chair David Carter, Program Chair & Associate Professor, Taylor Hall 212, 541-552-6506

Photo of Tanya Blakeley, CCJ Program Coordinator Tanya Blakeley, Degree Completion Coordinator, Taylor Hall 118, 541-552-8095

Photo of Alison Burke, CCJ Faculty Alison Burke, Associate Professor, Taylor Hall 223, 541-552-8288

Photo of Brian Fedorek, CCJ Faculty Brian Fedorek, Assistant Professor, Taylor Hall 224, 541-552-6508

Photo of Tiffany Morey, CCJ Faculty Tiffany Morey, Professor, Taylor Hall 211, 541-552-6057

Photo of Lore Rutz-Burri, CCJ Faculty Lore Rutz-Burri, Professor, Taylor Hall 204, 541-552-6509

Photo of Shanell Sanchez, CCJ Faculty



 Shanell Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Taylor Hall 210, 541-552-6507





Photo of Linda Wilcox Young, Economics Program Chair Linda Wilcox-Young, Program Chair & Professor, Taylor Hall 213, 541-552-6787

Photo of Bret Anderson, Economics Faculty Bret Anderson, Assistant Professor, Taylor Hall 220, 541-552-8617

Photo of Donnie Maclurcan, Economics Faculty Donnie Maclurcan, Affiliate Professor, Taylor Hall 215, 541-552-6432

Photo of Rattaphon Wuthisatian, Economics Faculty Rattaphon Wuthistian, Assistant Professor, Central Hall 123, 541-552-6498

Ric Holt Ric Holt, Professor, Taylor Hall 221, 541-552-6784

History & Political Science

 Photo of Dustin Walcher, History and Political Science Program Chair Dustin Walcher, Program Chair & Associate Professor of History, Taylor Hall 103A, 541-552-6124

Photo of Bill Hughes, Political Science Faculty Bill Hughes, Associate Professor of Political Science, Taylor Hall 022, 541-552-6188

Photo of Sean McEnroe, History Faculty Sean McEnroe, Assistant Professor of History, Taylor Hall 216, 541-552-6647 (on sabbatical)

Photo of Paul Pavlich, Political Science Faculty Paul Pavlich, Assistant Professor of History, Taylor Hall 216, 541-552-6647

Adjunct Professors:

Chandra Silva, Adjunct Professor of History, Taylor Hall 120A, 541-552-6646

Sharan Newman, Adjunct Professor of History, Taylor Hall 120A, 541-552-6646


Photo of John Taylor, Psychology Faculty  John Taylor, Program Chair and Associate Professor, Ed/Psych Building 240, 541-552-6945

Photo of Angel McDonald, Psychology Program Coordinator Angel McDonald, Psychology Program & CMHC Office Coordinator, Ed/Psych Building 246, 541-552-6539

Photo of Tiki Boudreau, Psychology Faculty 

Tiki Boudreau, Senior Instructor & Coordinator of Human Service Degree Completion program, Ed/Psych 221 (Ashland) & HEC 201C (Medford), 541-552-6942 (Ashland) and 541-552-8155 (Medford)



Photo of Cody Christopherson, Psychology Faculty Cody Christopherson, Assistant Professor, Ed/Psych Building 236, 541-552-8491

Photo of Rachel Jochem, Psychology Faculty Rachel Jochem, Assistant Professor, Ed/Psych Building 222, 541-552-6993 (on sabbatical)

Photo of Patricia Kyle, Psychology Faculty Patricia Kyle, Associate Professor, Ed/Psych Building 226, 541-552-6944

Photo of Mark Krause, Psychology Faculty Mark Krause, Associate Professor, Ed/Psych Building 222, 541-552-6977

Photo of Fraser Pierson, Psychology Faculty Fraser Pierson, Professor, Ed/Psych Building 204, 541-552-6949

Photo of Emily Reeder, Psychology Faculty Emily Reeder, Assistant Professor, Ed/Psych Building 244, 541-552-6206

Photo of Dominick Robertson, Psychology Faculty Dominick Robertson, Assistant Professor, Ed/Psych Building 230, 541-552-6945

Photo of Mary Russell-Miller, Psychology Faculty Mary Russell-Miller, Associate Professor, Ed/Psych Building 228, 541-552-6990

Photo of Doug Smith, Psychology Faculty Doug Smith, Associate Professor, Ed/Psych Building 208, 541-552-6948


Sociology & Anthropology

 Photo of Mark Shibley, Sociology & Anthropology Program Chair Mark Shibley, Professor and Program Chair, Taylor Hall 214, 541-552-6761

Photo of Kylan de Vries, Sociology and Anthropology Faculty and GSWS Program Chair  

 Kylan de Vries, Associate Professor of SOAN and Program Chair of Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies, Taylor Hall 125A,  541-552-6759



 Photo of Echo Fields, Sociology and Anthropology Faculty


 Echo Fields, Associate Professor of SOAN and Coordinator of the Human Service Degree Completion  program, Taylor Hall 219, 541-552-8254


Jessica Piekielek, Sociology and Anthropology Faculty Jessica Piekielek, Assistant Professor, Taylor Hall 222, 541-552-6599

Vince Smith, Sociology and Anthropology Faculty and Environmental Science and Policy Program Chair 


 Vince Smith, Associate Professor of SOAN and Program Chair of Environmental Science & Policy, Taylor Hall 218, 541-552-6802


Photo of Mark Tveskov, Sociology and Anthropology Faculty Mark Tveskov, Professor, Taylor Hall 230, 541-552-6345 (on sabbatical) 

Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology - SOULA

Mark Tveskov, Professor of Anthropology, Taylor Hall 230, 541-552-6345

Chelsea Rose, Archaeologist, Taylor Hall 230, 541-552-6764

David Davis, Research Assistant, Taylor Hall 230, 541-552-6764

Katie Johnson, Lab Assistant, Taylor Hall 230, 541-552-6764

Southern Oregon University Research Center - SOURCE

Eva Skuratowicz, Director, Taylor Hall 201, 541-552-6278

Rikki Pritzlaff, Researcher, Taylor Hall 202, 541-552-7010

Karen Miller-Loessi, Researcher, Taylor Hall 202, 541-552-7010