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The mission of the Department of History and Political Science at Southern Oregon University is to support the University’s general education program, educate citizens for active participation in a democratic society, and provide advanced courses for students wishing to make History and/or Political Science the major focus of their baccalaureate program. Such students include those who wish to make a profession of teachers or practitioners, as well as those who wish to use their studies as a springboard for professional training in law, business, government service, or education.

To this end, the Department offers courses that help fulfill SOU general education and elective requirements for many programs and major and minor requirements. Courses are geared toward American Government, American and World History, Public Administration, etc., all within the context of a comprehensive Liberal Arts Education.

What Recent Alums are Saying:

Connor Astley Photo

Even before arriving at SOU, I knew I wanted to become a high school history teacher. Once I was accepted to SOU I immediately started working towards my history degree. During my time at SOU I have become a better student, writer and person mainly because of what I have learned in the history classes and the professors teaching these courses. The history program has pushed allowed me to pursue the career I want and has better prepared me for the world that awaits me outside of college."

Connor Astley, History Major

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"The SOU Political Science Department has played an integral role in my success as a student. The department is relatively small, which means a more student-focused experience and the development of authentic relationships with professors. From meetings with professors advising me about how to best approach law school to a four month long internship for a Congresswoman in Washington, D.C., my experience in the department has been incredibly beneficial for my post-collegiate career!"

Tyler Takeshita, Political Science Major and 16-17 ASSOU President

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"The history department at SOU is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to become a historian. With its vast variety of classes to choose from, you can learn about any topic that interests you. My experience with the history department faculty has made me develop a deeper love towards all things relating to history which also helps me with my future endeavors and for that I am grateful."

Gemma Lopez, History Major

Jacqueline Himmelrich Photo

 "The history faculty make a point of connecting with our small, but close-knit, department giving many students the full advantage of their attention. I have made many great friends and great memories while studying history at SOU. My life continues to be positively impacted by my SOU faculty and peers."

Jacqueline Himmelrich, History Major


Professor Bret Anderson

Program Chair
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