The programs in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Leadership are an integral part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Their function is to prepare professionals for careers in health promotion or fitness and management, teachingphysical therapy and outdoor adventure leadership. For students interested in gaining experience in community-based learning related to exercise and nutrition, we offer the opportunity to participate in a district-wide program in the Ashland school system.

Many of our Health Education and Physical Education courses are open to all SOU students and several fulfill general education requirements. For athletes and aspiring coaches and trainers, we have added some new offerings, including Nutrition for Training and Performance (Winter '17), Performance Enhancement (Spring '17), and Biomechanics (Spring '17). 

Through our Outdoor Adventure and Leadership program we offer a wide range of outdoor activity classes to students and community members. Because Southern Oregon University is located in the heart of the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion, we are able to offer classes that take advantage of our region's unique geographic character, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, and outdoor survival. Additionally, we offer a service program with activity courses for students in any major.

Outdoor Adventure Leadership Major and Minor

The Outdoor Adventure Leadership degree ignites the explorer in our students to lead any group, in any environment, to achieve any goal. If you want to learn to follow your passions, pursue your dreams and be a transformative leader, check out our website.