Affiliated/Approved Programs


Programs falling under the title Affiliated/Approved include many different models, including direct enrollment at a university abroad and education abroad facilitated by an organization or another US university. Affiliated/Approved programs include academic year, semester, and summer programs. In any type of Affiliated/Approved program, students are enrolled at SOU and therefore the course credit is recorded on your SOU transcript. Institution-specific scholarships would not apply. If you have institutional scholarships, make sure complete and submit a deferral form (Scholarships and Financial Aid Office) before your leave. It is possible to use federal financial aid on most Affiliated/Approved programs.

Study Abroad Organizations

SOU has affiliation agreements with four study abroad organizations, which allows our students to use federal financial aid without much difficulty:

Academic Programs International (API)

GEO International

IE3 Global

IE3 Global Internships 

USAC Study Abroad

SIT Study Abroad

SFS School of Field Studies

National Student Exchange - A unique opportunity to study at one of nearly 170 accredited, baccalaureate-granting colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, while paying in-state tuition!  


Where Can I Go?

Since the title Affiliated/Approved encompasses so many types of programs, there are countless possibilities for study abroad under this heading. It would be impossible to list them all here.

Consult the SOU Education Abroad Programs map on the "Education Abroad Home Page."

Central America and the Caribbean
Middle East
North America
South America



The timelines for affiliated/approved programs will vary from program to program, from type to type. The first step after selecting a program is to realistically assess your financial situation and apply immediately for a passport.


There are TWO required application forms for each program, one for the SOU International Programs office and the other for the program sponsors. Students must submit their applications in person to our office in the Stevenson Union.