Banks and Credit Unions in Ashland

Bank of America

2305 Ashland Street


Chase Bank                                         

243 E Main Street                                 


Key Bank

183 E Main Street


People's Bank of Commerce

1500 Siskiyou Blvd


US Bank (ATM on campus)

30 N 2nd Street


Rogue Federal Credit Union (ATM on campus)

415 Lithia Way


Sterling Savings Bank

512 Walker Street



Checking And Savings Accounts

A checking account is an account that allows you to access your money daily or monthly. You may pay bills or purchase items at a store from a checking account using a check or a debit card. Some checking accounts will earn interest. Also, some checking accounts require a minimum balance and/or a monthly fee.

A savings account is normally used to keep money for a longer time. This account usually earns you interest on your money. There is usually a minimum balance required for these accounts.

Debit/ATM Cards

Your debit card (also known as an ATM card, or Automated Teller Machine card) is a plastic card used in a machine to access your money at any time of day. A debit card is usually free with a checking account. ATMs are located throughout the city of Ashland. There may be a charge to use ATMs that are not run by your specific bank. Money charged on your debit card is withdrawn automatically from your checking account, just like when you write a check.

Important Questions To Ask Before You Open An Account

  • Do you require a minimum balance?
  • Do you have overdraft fees?
  • Do you have a monthly fee?
  • What is the interest rate on checking and savings accounts?
  • Does the checking account include a debit card?
  • Where are your ATMs located? What are the fees for using ATMs?
  • How do I open an account?