You must be flexible in terms of accommodation when you first come to Ashland because landlords and roommates want to meet you before moving in and may require a background check. It is advisable to be in Ashland at least 10 days prior to your program start date because you need time to find a rental.

Every rental agreement is unique and needs to be read carefully. Make sure you know how long the lease is, as you are responsible for paying for the entire time period. Rental periods vary widely!

You have to usually pay the first month's rent and a deposit (which can be equivalent to the first month's rent) before you move in. In some cases, you also have to pay the last month's rent. You will usually receive your deposit back upon your departure. Each manager will have his/her own policy. Make sure you know what charges you are responsible for and what you should expect back. Make sure all of this is clear in the lease/contract. 

Some rentals are far from campus. Be sure you have a way to get to and from SOU. 

Below are a few places you can look for available rentals: