The Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists assist departments with monitoring expenditures and revenues, as well as providing support for the budget process.

Index, Account, Detail, and Activity Code Requests

Contact your Budget and Account Specialist if you have to add, change, or delete any of the following codes:

  • Index
  • Account
  • Detail
  • Activity

The Accountants will ask for specific information based on the type of code and what is needed to complete the request.  They will also assist with determining if the creation/change is needed, or if there are alternatives that may address needs better.

The timing of creation/changes will be dependent on several factors:

  • Reporting- in some cases, it may be better to wait for creation/change until a new fiscal year, to avoid issues with adjustments and reporting.
  • Resource Availability- at specific times of the month and year, resources will be more available to create/change coding.

Your Accountant will communicate once the coding has been created/changed.

Special and Course Fees

Annually, the Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists will work closely with Business Services and the Provost's Office to create, change, or delete special and course fees.  The Service Center will coordinate with departments to review their lists and assist with ensuring the request forms are complete and accurate prior to being processed by Business Services.


The Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists will be monitoring reports from Cognos and Banner on a regular basis.  They will specifically be looking for anomalies and out of pattern conditions that may hint at issues.  They will raise these issues with the appropriate staff.

Department staff may also have access to reports in Cognos and Banner.  The Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists are here to assist and train staff in how to look at Cognos and Banner reports.

Accounting and Budget Adjustments

The Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists will make expenditure, revenue, or budget when requested.  The budget authority will send an email with the requested adjustments to their assigned Accountant, the Accountant will review the request to ensure it is appropriate, and, if so, process the Journal Voucher (JV) or budget transfer.  They are also available to answer any questions about appropriateness of the transfers or the process.


The Service Center Budget and Accounting Specialists work closely with the Budget Office and Budget Office for Academic and Student Affairs to assist Department/Division Directors with creation and input of annual budget requests.  The Accountants are available to sit with departments to go through expenditures and revenues and do some projections.  They can also assist Budget Authorities with usage of Millenium Fast.


For more information regarding timelines and accounting or budget processes, please visit: