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Business Services provides the planning and also operations of the university's comprehensive financial program.  This includes financial accounting, analysis and reporting. 

W-9 Southern Oregon University

    SOU W-9 Form(pdf) for paying SOU (signed version)
     Tax Exemption Letter 
     IRS Employer Identification Number for SOU

Campus-Wide Reports - Academic and Student Affairs
This web page serves as a resource for university fund managers and staff to access commonly shared financial reports.

All Campus Reports

Matriculation Reports:
      Matriculation Fee Summary by Index
Matriculation Index Codes - Revenue & Expense

Work Study Reports:
     CWSP Funds_Summary by Index

     CWSP Funds_Summary by Student
     Title IV - CWSP Analysis Report

Grant Reports
    Grant Balance Report
    Grant Expense Summary Report
    Grant Summary Year-to-Date Awards

Tuition Reports  

 Current Academic Year   Previous Academic Year       
 Fall 2017 Tuition Fall 2016 Tuition      through 09/30/2016
  Fall 2016 Tuition      through 11/30/2016
  Winter 2017 Tuition through 01/17/2017
  Spring 2017 Tuition through 04/24/2017
  Summer 2017 Tuition through 08/31/2017
Prior Academic Year-1                              Prior Academic Year-2
Fall 2015 Tuition      through 12/1/2015
Fall 2014 Tuition      through 12/01/2014
Winter 2016 Tuition through 1/11/2016 Winter 2015 Tuition through 01/30/2015
Winter 2016 Tuition through 3/11/2016 Winter 2015 Tuition through 03/30/2015
Spring 2016 Tuition through 4/11/2016 Spring 2015 Tuition through 04/30/2015
  Spring 2015 Tuition through 05/27/2015
Summer 2016 Tuition through 6/30/2016

Summer 2015 Tuition

Summer 2016 Tuition through 8/30/2016  


Contact the Business Services Department  if you have questions or comments. 

Accounting Office: Churchill Hall Room 154, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, Oregon 97520

Operating Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (541) 552-8528



















































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