Southern Oregon University (SOU) Procurement and Contracting Policy summarizes the standards and procedures applicable to the purchase of services and supplies. This policy supersedes the February 2012 policy. As a public agency, SOU adheres to strict laws, rules, and ethical practices when purchasing goods and services. SOU employees do not accept personal gifts from suppliers nor conduct purchasing transactions for personal benefit. It is a goal of SOU to obtain maximum value for each dollar spent. Purchases made by the University range from office supplies, equipment, maintenance contracts, hardware, software, chemicals, vehicles, to medical supplies. Of the goods and services purchased each fiscal year, SOU strives to purchase the majority of goods and services from local vendors.

The intention of these pages is to provide information that will assist you as you pursue developing business opportunities with Southern Oregon University. Please contact the Service Center at (541) 552-6700 for additional information or clarification.

How Purchases Are Made

The Service Center at Southern Oregon University assists departments with purchasing options. Although the Service Center may help departments with purchasing, purchases less than $25,000 may be made at the department level. Some departments have higher delegated authority, specialized commodities, or special purchasing procedures as indicated below. Formal bid lists are not maintained; however, catalogs and other vendor literature can be sent to appropriate departments or to the Service Center.  Please call a Purchasing and Contracting Specialist, at 541-552-6700, or go to the Service Center's Purchasing and Contracting website for contact information.


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SOU Bookstore

The bookstore purchases items for resale to faculty, staff and students. Buyers for the bookstore work with vendors approved by Barnes and Noble College Division.

For additional information, call the SOU Bookstore at 541-552-6178 or visit the official SOU Bookstore website.



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Capital Construction

These projects require a formal bidding procedure. Generally, bid lists are developed for each individual construction project, depending on the type, size, and scope of the work.

Current Bidding Opportunities can be found at Shared Resources on the Oregon Public Universities website located at: or through the University's Bonfire Portal,  You may also call Facilities Management & Planning at 541-552-6231 for additional information.



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Computer Hardware and Software

The Information Technology Department and the SOU Service Center manage purchasing for all types of computing resources. Contact the Service Center at 541-552-6700 for additional information.


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Dining Services

A'viands is contracted to deliver food services to SOU.

Contact Reggie Speer, Resident District Manager, 541-499-4419 or e-mail ( for additional information.



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The SOU Library's collection of books, periodicals, electronic resources, and films is considered a specialized commodity and is exempt from competitive purchasing procedures. Contact Mary Jane Cedar Face, Librarian, at 541-552-6836 for additional information.


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Physical Plant, Building, and Landscape Maintenance

Purchases include such items as fertilizers, lights and light bulbs, hardware, building, vehicles, and landscape maintenance equipment, repair parts, and services. Call Facilities Management & Planning at 541-552-6231 for additional information.


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SOU Print and Copy Services provides a wide range of inexpensive printing, copying, bindery and finishing services to the campus community. These services are available to all SOU students, faculty, staff and affiliates for university-related work. To place printing orders, log into with your SOU credentials. Please call John Silverman at 541-552-6165, or email ( for additional information or if you require assistance.


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The Marketing and Communications Department bids out the printing of publications that have been produced within the office and cannot be printed in-house. Generally, this applies to jobs that include at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Larger than 11x17
  • Web Press
  • High quantity projects where a large press makes production more cost effective
  • Specialty printing techniques such as die-cutting or lenticular printing

Vendors seeking qualification should contact Marketing and Communications at 541-552-7246 or e-mail (


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University Housing – Conferences, Dining Services, Residence Halls, Student Apartments & Family Housing

Purchases include such items as institutional furniture, linens, maintenance and custodial services / supplies, and educational marketing and training services. Vendors seeking qualification should contact University Housing at 541-552-6371 (main office for University Housing) or email ( for additional information.


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Bid Solicitations

The procedures used for the retaining of professional services, or for procurement of goods and services vary depending on the anticipated contract price, including all fees and expenses contemplated by the parties.  Multiple contracts, purchase orders or requisitions may not be issued separately to circumvent these rules.

Vendors are asked to submit bids, which are either formal or informal, based on the following procurement thresholds:

a) $25,000 or less – Direct Procurement or other method of procurement deemed beneficial is allowed.

b) $25,000.01 to $100,000 – Informal Procurement, Formal Procurement or other method of procurement that the institution deems beneficial, except the Direct Procurement method is allowed. 

c) Greater than $100,000 – Formal Procurement, or other procurement method the Institution deems beneficial may be followed, except Direct or Informal Procurement.  


Based on the above criteria, one of the following procurement methods can be used:

  1. Purchase of goods or services valued at $25,000 or less may use Direct Procurement or other methods of procurement deemed beneficial. Departments will work with the Service Center to determine the appropriate contract or whether the vender is on the SOU retainer program. The Service Center will also assist Departments to process purchase orders if needed. 

  2. Vendors may be asked to submit bids on either a formal or an informal basis:

    Informal bid solicitations are usually called competitive quotes and may be obtained by telephone, fax, mail, or email.  The quotes may be obtained through Informal Procurement, Formal Procurement or other method.

  3. Formal Bid Solicitations

    Most formal bid solicitations take the form of a document called a Request for Proposal (RFP). This document is issued from the Service Center. An RFP is usually issued when the University knows what it wants to accomplish but is willing to consider alternative approaches for meeting its goal. These bids are also advertised on the Oregon Public Universities website and through the University's Bonfire Portal, Contracts are awarded based upon a variety of evaluation critera.

  4. Another type of formal bid solicitation is an Invitation to Bid (IBT).  An IBT is issued when the University requires exact specifications and is not willing to consider alternatives. In this case, the contract is awarded to the lowest possible bidder. These types of solicitations are advertised on the Oregon Public Universities website and through the University's Bonfire Portal,

The procedures used for procuring Construction-related services including reimbursable expenses and all change-orders contemplated by the parties, are as follows:  

a) $25,000 or less: the Institution may directly select a Contractor who has a signed Retainer Contract on file with SOU, through our annual retainer program, or may set up a job specific contract with a contractor who is not on retainer.

b) $25,000.01 to $500,000: the Institution must select at least three Contractors that are to provide Bids or Proposals for the service. These contractors may or may not be a part of the SOU Retainer Program. Selection of a Contractor from submitted Bids or Proposals will be based on the criteria set forth in the Solicitation Document. In the event that fewer than three Contractors can provide the required service, the Institution may process with fewer than three Bids or Proposals.

c) $500,000.01 to $1,000,000: the Institution will post an advertisement of the opportunity on Oregon Public Universities website and the University's Bonfire Portal, All eligible Contractors that have entered into Retainer Contracts will have an opportunity to submit a proposal in response to the opportunity. Selection of a Contractor from submitted proposals will be based on the criteria set forth in the Solicitation Document.


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SOU Accounts Payable

Invoices should be sent directly to the Service Center. SOU prefers that vendors send invoices to ( for multiple departments are often combined into a single payment, with accompanying documentation indicating transaction details.  SOU encourages its Vendors and Contractors to accept payments via Direct Deposit, a more efficient and less costly way to compensate our partners.  The SOU Substitute W-9/Direct Deposit Form can be found on the Business Services Contracting page.  Questions regarding payment should be directed to the Service Center at 541-552-6700.


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Terms and Conditions

A SOU Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here. All vendors who do business with SOU agree to these Standard Terms and Conditions. Our terms and conditions state shipping will be F.O.B. destination, freight prepaid. All vendors must furnish, upon request, a federal tax identification number.


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Affirmative Action

The University promotes and encourages contracting with businesses owned by women, minorities, or with emerging small businesses by advertising contract opportunities to local vendors throughthe Oregon Public Universities website at and the University's Bonfire Portal, Southern Oregon University also participates in a State of Oregon program aimed at awarding contracts to qualified rehabilitation facilities. For information about these programs, contact the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Procurement Office at 503-378-4642. For certification information visit the Office of Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business website


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Insurance Requirements

Prior to beginning work, vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI), naming Southern Oregon University, a university with a governing board, as an additional insured (A-I).   Minimum coverage typically includes both commercial general liability and auto liability of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence and an annual aggregate limit of $4,000,000.  If you have questions, please call the Service Center at 541-552-6700.


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State Price Agreements

The State of Oregon DAS Purchasing Division issues awards and maintains contracts for various commodities for use by state agencies. The use of these contracts is optional for Southern Oregon University. The Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) communications software allows vendors electronic access to state bidding opportunities, including the State Price Agreements.  For ORPIN assistance contact the Procurement Office at 503-378-4642, or go to: In addition, as a public higher education institution, Southern Oregon University is often eligible, for and takes advantage of, educational, governmental, jurisdictional, or other special pricing discounts.


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You can access further details about doing business with SOU by contacting the Service Center.

SOU Service Center

Purchasing Office
Service Center
Susanne Homes Hall

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR 97520

Phone: (541) 552-6700

Fax: (541) 552-6138