Our Mission:

  • Provide customer driven services to students, campus departments, and the SOU community in support of all other departmental missions.
  • Insure the accuracy and integrity of financial and business policies, processes, records, and the reporting or publication of financial information.
  • Support university compliance with federal and state mandated programs, regulations, and policies.
  • Demonstrate leadership and advocacy of the university's needs through participation with SOU Finance and Administration leadership when evaluating SOU financial performance measures and other strategic initiatives being considered at the university or at the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).


Business Services
Maina, Agnes Director of Business Services/Controller  mainaa@sou.edu (541) 552-6594
Allison, Nathan Assoc. Director of Business Services and Deputy Controller allisonn@sou.edu (541) 552-8536
Larvick, Steve Financial Advisor larvick@sou.edu  
Accounting and Reporting
Vannice, Victoria Office Specialist 2 vannicev@sou.edu (541) 552-8528
Jones, Deborah Fiscal Coordinator 2 jonesde@sou.edu (541) 552-6631
Atkins, Jayne Accountant 2 atkinsja@sou.edu (541) 552-6313
Bernhagen, Jaimie Office Specialist/P-Cards bernhageg@sou.edu (541) 552-7002
Budget and Accounting Specialists
Accountant 2 Teams (link):
Fox, Giovanna Team 4 foxg@sou.edu (541) 552-6997
Guzman, Sheritta Team 1 guzmans@sou.edu (541) 552-6173
Martin-Low, Colleen Team 2 low@sou.edu (541) 552-6808
Wadley, Anne Team 3 wadleya@sou.edu (541) 552-6170
Hanigan, Stephanie Bursar & Asso. Director Business Services Suppot hanigans@sou.edu (541) 552-6590
Cripe, Tina Assistant Bursar cripet@sou.edu (541) 552-6598
Niang, Mame Administrative Program Specialist niangm@sou.edu (541) 552-8082
Mitchell, Faith Student Account Specialist mitchellf@sou.edu (541) 552-6094
Nightingale, Karie Student Account Specialist nightingk@sou.edu (541) 552-8094
(541) 552-8864
Student Balances SOU Student Balances Department studentbalances@sou.edu (541) 552-6562
Payroll Services
Wirfs, Carolyn Payroll Services Interim-Manager wirfsc@sou.edu (541) 552-8244
  & Payroll Processing Coordinator payrollservices@sou.edu (541) 552-8506
Mark Atkins Admin Program Assistant - UnClassified & IEA  atkinsm@sou.edu (541) 552-8506
Lewellyn, Risa Admin Program Assistant - Classified lewellys1@sou.edu (541) 552-6242
Courtney, Lori Payroll Technician - Students courtney@sou.edu (541) 552-6317
Print and Copy Services
John Silverman Print & Copy Services Manager silvermj1@sou.edu (541) 552-6134

Business Services

Southern Oregon University
Churchill Hall, Room 151
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520
FAX: (541)552-6573

Please contact the Business Services Department if you have questions or input you would like to share.