The Purchasing Department is happy to assist with your purchasing needs. Please notify us of potential purchases or commitments as soon as possible to ensure there is enough time to procure the needed goods or services. We are in tune with SOU policies, and are often aware of cost-saving, sustainable solutions.

All purchasing questions, requests, product links, or quotes can be forwarded to - this will create a closely monitored entry into our ticketing system. We will ensure the prospective vendor is set up in our financial system and vet the goods or services being requested. The more information that can be provided in advance, the better.

Please provide the Index Code(s) for the purchase. We need approval from the Budget Authority responsible for the Index Code(s) being charged before we can make any purchases or process a payment. If the purchase amount changes (i.e. sometimes shipping is added later to a quote), we always reach back out for re‑approval of the extra expense before proceeding.

We keep all stakeholders in the loop by email. We confirm delivery of goods, or performance of services, before payment is processed.

Please let us know how Purchasing can be of service to you. For more information see Purchasing Handout.

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Paying Invoices

The Service Center will process all invoices.  Here is some useful information about getting these paid.

Invoices Received by Departments

For smooth processing of invoices received directly by the Departments, please do the following:

  • Code the invoice with index code(s) and, if applicable, activity code.
  • Have budget authority sign invoice for approval.
  • Forward invoice to your assigned Support Specialist in the Service Center.
  • Support Specialist will enter invoice into Banner for payment.

For additional information regarding processing of personal and travel reimbursements, visit those pages.

Invoices Received by Service Center

Some invoices come directly to the Service Center.  In these cases, the Service Center will:

  • Distribute invoice to proper Support Specialist.
  • Support Specialist will forward an electronic copy of the invoice in an email to the Budget Authority.
  • Budget Authority will respond to the email with their approval and, if needed, coding (index and, if applicable activity).
  • Support Specialist will enter invoice into Banner for payment.

New Canon Copier Invoices

Lease and per copy charges for new Canon copier contracts will be sent to the Service Center as part of an invoice that includes all campus machines.  Since rates for both were negotiated through the contract, the Service Center will pay the invoice automatically to the index codes provided at time of lease.  Budget Authorities will have access to review usage on these invoices found on the Service Center Shared Drive.  Those departments splitting charges or charging departments for usage will coordinate with their Service Center Accountant to determine best way to JV charges.

Invoice Entry Timeline

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Campus Paper Purchasing

As part of our continuing efforts to reduce administrative costs, the Service Center and IT have teamed up to begin bulk purchasing of printer/copier paper. To order, complete the Paper Request Form or call at 541-552-6321. Deliveries are once a week on Friday. You'll need to let us know which Index code to charge and how much paper you need.  FMP stocks 8.5"x11" white paper sold by the case (10 reams per case).

Print and Copy Services stocks the following paper by the ream, which can be ordered here;



Color Paper


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Copier Leasing/Replacements

IT and Service Center have partnered to select a single vendor to provide copiers for the campus. Through a competitive bidding process, Canon has been selected for the initial contract.

As copier contracts expire or if a department requires a new copier, either your Purchasing and Contracting Specialist or

Computing Coordinator in IT can assist you with acquiring a new Canon copier on the contract.

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Technology Purchasing

Technology purchases of single items costing less than $125 will be permitted without prior IT approval. These items can be acquired using your Departmental SOU Procurement Card, or by sending the item information to

For items costing more than $125, please contact your Computing Coordinator to assist with selection of compatible and recommended technology equipment and software.  Once an item has been selected, email the item information to

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Gift Cards/Certificates

Before purchasing gift cards for any occasion, please review the Gift Certificate policy (FAD.073).  If you decide to purchase a gift card, the Service Center requires a Gift Card Reconciliation Form be completed.  If you have any questions, please contact your Accounting Tech.

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Service Center Ordering

There are two ways to purchase items:

  1. Send order request to
  2. Use your Purchase Card.

If you have specialized purchasing needs (such as medical or lab supplies) or if you have questions about a purchase, please contact your Purchasing and Contracting Specialist for further assistance.

For further information about purchasing policy at SOU, please visit the Purchasing webpage or contact your Purchasing and Contracting Specialist.

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