Information for travel and reimbursements for expenses incurred while travelling on university business for Staff, Faculty, Students, Volunteers, or non-employees where SOU is reimbursing travel expenses separate from pay.



Pre-Travel: All travel must be pre-approved by the appropriate Vice President of your department. Please complete the form below. Additionally, some expenses may be reimbursed prior to travel (eg airfare, lodging that requires pre-payment, etc.).  

  • Pre-Travel Approval Form (PDF); Pre-Travel Approval Form (Fillable PDF)
  • Complete appropriate form (Airfare Reimbursement Form for air travel only or Travel Expense Reimbursement Form for air travel and/or lodging).
  • Attach receipts showing payment (if expense is not charged at time of reservation, you must wait for post-travel reimbursement).
  • If applicable, attach cancellation policy of reservation.
  • Obtain signatures.
  • Send to Service Center.
  • Service Center will follow-up to ensure travel was completed.

Advances (Students, Classified Employees, and other non-employees only):  May receive advances on other expenses (eg meal per diem, mileage, etc.).  Other expenses (eg airfare, lodging, etc.) should be paid directly by the institution through direct bill (see section on Direct Bill), use of travel agency, or travel purchase card.

  • Same process as Pre-Travel.
  • Any advance given that requires additional documentation will need to be provided to Service Center within two weeks of travel completion.  If not received after two weeks, any amount not accounted for will be placed on an individual's account for repayment.


  • Complete appropriate form
  • Attach receipts showing payment (not required for per diem, mileage, commercial ground transportation under $75, and/or miscellaneous expenses under $25.00 per item).
  • If applicable, attach additional forms (eg Exception Form, International Travel Preapproval, etc.).
  • Obtain signatures.
  • Send to Service Center.

Reimbursement Schedule:

Accounts Payable Calendar PDF Version

Information about Higher One can be found at (please note the website refers to it as the “SOU OneCard”).  Click on the Activate My SOU OneCard! link near the bottom of the page. From the menu on the left, the refund choice can be selected.

Direct Bill

SOU has arrangements with some vendors to issue a direct bill to the Service Center.  See below for more information on vendors.

Jackson Travel

Although departments may use travel agencies to book travel, SOU maintains the institutional travel purchase card with Jackson Travel.  Travel arrangements may be made directly with Jackson Travel and billed to this card.  To ensure smooth and timely transactions, ensure that the Purchasing and Contracting Specialist in the Service Center is included in planning and has the written approval of the Budget Authority prior to Jackson Travel seeking approval to purchase.

Ashland Lodging Information

Departments hosting guests and paying for lodging in Ashland may select to use one of the local hotels listed.  We encourage departments to utilize a hotel that will direct bill SOU, to avoid the confusion and inconveniences associated with reimbursements.  SOU direct bill will only pay for lodging rates and associated taxes.  Miscellaneous charges, such as pay-per-view or room damage, will not be paid by SOU.

The following information and rates are accurate as of August 2015.  If you receive other information when reserving, please let the Service Center know.  Please pay attention to any special notes for reserving rooms.

Information and Policy

For more information and policies about business travel, please visit the Business Services Travel website.


Airfare Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Local Mileage Reimbursement Form (xls)

Travel Expense Reimbursement-Advance Form  (xls)

Travel Exception Form (PDF)

International Travel Preapproval (PDF)

Other Travel Related Forms

Enterprise Car Rental